Approach related to invention techniques is the result of critical mode of thinking skills in a person. It is through this mode that the person attains the periphery of brainstorming, and offer excessive amount of insightful thoughts to it.

Brainstorming has been codified under the invention techniques led by Alex Osborne during the latter phase of 1950′s (Osborne, 1979). As considered by Osborne, brainstorming must follow the restrictions of criticism or any kind of evaluation as the session is on. It is always better to note down the ideas and the concerns in the process.  It has been always suggested to leave the mind on “free wheeling” for the collection of some vulnerable ideas. Osborne thus insisted over the mode of combining ideas for better improvement and proceeds towards some absolute kind of end (Osborne 8)

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Proceeding of brainstorming is recognised more as an activity, in general among groups where the participants are free to create connection with topics, detailed illustrations and processing thoughts. In this approach there are least demand for any validity or relevance for the context are it emerge. However, there is always the need to continue without any settled down over generalisation or cliché.  The approach must continue until the concern topic attains some concrete base.  Process of brainstorming must follow the act of creating a list whereby the individual or the group in particular can lead the context to a more reasonable and balanced kind of periphery.  As this list gets longer, there must be an effort to make it get manageable (Hunter College Reading/Writing Center, 1998). In various cases the managing act continues from the time the brainstorming session begins.

Activities like free-writing or like those of looping with necessary mode of productivity can well exemplify the activity of brainstorming. The basic approach thus must aims in the attainment of invention strategy

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