The American independent war took place in the Great Britain Kingdom in 1775-1783. It lasted for seven years (Chartrand 2003). Political American men who were against the governance of the Great Britain parliament triggered the war. They had support from thirteen British colonies, which had their base in North America. This led to global war amongst many European powerful leaders. There were different purposes of the colonies in America. According to the British, the land belonging to Americans was to provide raw materials to them and consume the goods manufactured by the British (Thatcher 2007).

War began between the British and American colonies in 1775. The following year, the colonists declared that they were independent. It was in 1783 that there was bloody war that took long to before coming to and. If the British army had managed the American war, it would have made it possible to avoid the chaos. This is what most of the historians suggest about the war that became inevitable.thr Americans lost the way on the first day to the British. This meant that it was impossible to avoid the war. Later, the parliament asked to establish its dominance for the second time, it did not consider the tradition, affection and trueness that the authority had hold on for long (Thatcher 2007).

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It was not possible to achieve political settlement. This made the American independence war inevitable. This could have taken place between 1765 and 1775. The politicians who lost colonies began confronting the unprecedented political, diplomatic and economic challenge and wanted to have authority over the entire empire seven ears after the independence war (Chartrand 2003). Among the American was the idea that their colonials were more admirable as compared to them. They considered that their colonies were of benefit to their country and so ended up colonizing them.

Naturally, the Britain's believe in exploring lands and shaping it into a new world through the efforts of other people. Once they stepped in America, their worked tirelessly to convert it into a useful land to their own which also made it impossible for the avoidance of the war (Thatcher 2007).

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