In the American history, the time period between 1774 and 1863 (17th century to the 18th century was the most vital time. The United States as it is known today was formerly known as the "British colonies". The British colonies were quickly developing into their own societies with a unique structured government. The American Revolution was partly influenced by the British government itself, this revolution led to the accomplishment of the American freedom from England.

The French and Indian war 1754-1763

This war between the French and the British took seven years; the local forces that comprised of the Native Americans were allied to the French during this period. There are several causes of these war which included; the desire for territorial expansion where both colonial masters(French and British) laid claims for the territorial stretch from the Mississippi River up to the Appalachian Mountains, Religious views where the British were protestants while the majority of the French were Catholics (Zinn, 1995). The British feared the control of the French over North America could bring the papal influence that infringed the British religious freedom provided by the English law. The French and Indian immensely contributed to the American revolution. Firstly it led to the increased debt due to British military heavy spending during the war where the Britons imposed high taxes on the Americans to suppress the big capital loss during the war (Edmund & Hellen, 1998). Secondly the colonists felt secure after the war and did not need protection from the British Military anymore. Thirdly the war gave the colonists enough military experience that could enable them fight the British military; lastly the negative experiences of during the war caused the Americans to develop a negative mentality towards the British.

This was a kind of tax that was levied to all the printed media; it was for the first time that the Americans were paying a revenue based tax. This aggravated them and they started questioning them and led to the doubt of whether the Americans had the mandate to tax the colonists. They concluded that their fundamental rights were being infringed which according to their American understanding ,all human beings upon birth were entitled to life, liberty, and a right to property. This led to the revolution in order for them to realize their rights

These factors amongst others which have not been discussed greatly influenced the revolution. The American Revolution was instrumental in bringing changes to the western world since it enlightened most of the colonists that were under brutal colonial masters.

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