George Armstrong Custer was born in New Rumley Ohio on 5th December 1839. Custer was a US Army soldier and the army was also called as Union Army. Custer was the son of a blacksmith and the family was not well to do. Custer wanted to be a Lawyer but his family was unable to pay huge expenditure for his ambition so he was sent to Military Academy at West Point in order to become a soldier and from West Point he got his graduation in 1861. During training at military academy Custer was not a brilliant cadet and he got the last position in the class but he proved himself during wars and battles. After his graduation he was posted in Washington. He was an active commander of US army in the wars like American Civil War and the Indian Civil Wars. George A. Custer died in Montana on 25th June 1876 by Sitting Bull.  George A. Custer achieved immense repute as a soldier that he became Brigadier General at the age of 23 only.

General George B. McClellan was deeply impressed with the abilities of George A. Custer that he showed during the attack against Chickahominy. When he started his career in 1861 he was given the rank of Second Lieutenant but after the attack against Chickahominy he was promoted to the rank of Captain on 15th June 1862 as aide-de-camp due to his abilities. The next target of Captain George A. Custer was the Picket Post where he drove the enemies back and he captured some of the prisoners during this campaign. When McClellan departed then Custer was reverted back as a Lieutenant. Later in 1863 General Alfred Pleasanton appointed Gen. Custer as aide-de-camp. His gallant acts were also glaring during combat at Aldie, operation of Brandy Station, and Rappahannock campaign and he was appointed as a Brigadier General of Volunteers of Michigan Brigade.  

Custer is one of well known military men because of the War of the Little Bighorn. His initial reputation is because of the Civil War in America. He was a bold, intelligent and aggressive army officer. The first encounter in his life was the battle of Bull Run in August 1862. In battle of Bull Run Winfield Scott the army commander assigned him the duty that to carry the dispatches to Maj. Gen. Irvin McDowell. During the war Custer was promoted as a major general temporarily but after the war Custer was reverted back as a Captain permanently. Custer got fame due to his unique character and colorful attitude. During war he was in the habit to wear a unique dress in order to become prominent in the regiment and due to this dress his men will be able to recognize him.

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Custer was also an active participant in Shenandoah Valley operation. In this campaign Custer joined Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan. Custer, Sheridan and army men faced the enemies headed by Jubal Early defeated his army and the Union Army got the control of Shenandoah Valley.  The campaign of Gettysburg is also vital to explain the gallantry of Gen. Custer. During this campaign with the help of Greg and McIntosh Custer defeated Gen. Stuart. During campaign of Gettysburg Custer was appointed as a temporary Major in US army dated July 1863. The operation of Culpepper Court-House is important because of the Custer's only wound which he got due to a spent ball and his horse also died in this campaign. The battle of "Yellow Tavern" is also the proof of Custer's gallant behavior.

Custer also participated in Sheridan's campaign against Richmond in 1864 and during this campaign Custer was appointed as a temporary Lieutenant Colonel. Custer's participation in Sheridan's second campaign against Richmond is the proof of Custer's bravery and also the proof of gallantry of Michigan Brigade. The "Trevillion Station" is the most prominent place which is ever remembered about Richmond campaign. The battle of Winchester is also noteworthy in terms of gallantry of Custer. In battle of Winchester in September 1864 Custer was appointed as a temporary Major General of Volunteers in reward of his relentless services at Winchester. The attacks of Five Forks and Dinwiddie Court-House were also of importance in the life of George A. Custer. Due to his best efforts in these wars Custer was brevetted as a Brigadier General on 13th March 1865.

In January 1866 Custer was reverted back as a Captain after the expiry of his commission as Major General but in July 1866 Custer was appointed as a commissioned Lieutenant Colonel. Union Army also awarded him the honorary rank of the Major General. After that he was posted at Kansas where he prepared the army men for Indian Wars. Custer was also charged in his life once for disobeying his orders so he was arrested and sent to jail. For the guild Custer was suspended for a year and the salary was not paid to him.

The views of Sitting Bull about George A. Custer's death are: Where the last stand was made, the Long Hair stood like a sheaf of corn with all the ears fallen around him. (American History). Custer death is also a question mark. Some researchers are of the view Custer died by so many Indians and these Indians were also ignorant about Custer's personality and they could not chase him by face. But there are some other stories about his death that Buffalo Calf Road Women a Cheyenne women and heroine killed the man George A. Custer just by blowing the man. The final blow of the lady in chest of Custer was the very cause of Custer's death. About Custer's last stand Americans are of the view that no one survived. Historically it is written that there were 266 dead but on spot there were only 260 and the six were absent from the scene. Simply 6 soldiers were missing. Wooden Leg and Kate Bighead are of the view that they saw them as absconders. Kate was the witness who saw them till they disappeared and Cheyennes and Sioux were chasing them but she is also showing her ignorance about their end.

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