According to Mcneill (1986), Western civilization started with the Greeks. The western civilization was strengthened and enlarged by the Romans, modernized and reformed by the fifteenth-century Reformation and Renaissance, and it was globalized by consecutive European empires which during this timedispersed the European lifestyle as well as education. The spreading of education and lifestyle continued into the period between the sixteenth and twentieth centuries.The European Culture was advanced with a multifacetedvariety of philosophy, gothicmysticismandscholasticism, secularand Christianhumanism. During this period of fifth century, rational thinking was thoroughly advancedas well as formation with the experimentations of naturalism,enlightenment, romanticism, democracy,socialism, and science.  As the European culture had global connection, it grew with an all-encompassingpress to follow, adjust, and finallyact upon other tendencies of culture.

It was during the classical age in Greece that profound civilization was experienced in the western nations. This classical age is marked by the period between 500-338 B.C and this is when an immense confrontation started between the Persian Empire and the Greeks. The Greeks started to split up into two large alignmentsafter their conquest over the Persians.One of the alignments was headed by Athenswhile the other alignment was headed bySparta. Athens made a naval empire and bloomedin the period of the age of Pericles and this was the time when the fear of Athens triggered the Great Peloponnesian War that happened between Athensand Spartaand their friends (Powell, 2001).

The achievements of the Greeks created the wellspring of Western culture.Plato, Aristotle, and Socrateslaunched the basics of Western philosophy. Thucydidesand Herodotusmadeand developed the field of history. The current western forms of literature are predominatelygained from the Greek dramaandpoetry. Greek feelings of proportion,beauty, and harmonyhave continuedto be the measures for all consequent Western art. The logical techniques of inquiry which are very significant to modernsciencewere conceptualized in the ancient Greece. Most of the political terms in the nations worldwide originated in Greek and these are concepts of the duties and rights that citizens follow, just like they were conceptualized in Athens which is the first significant democracy the world had experienced. Particularly during the classical period of the Greeks, theyraised and arguedabout thecardinal questions concerning the function of human existence, the social structure of human beings, and the quality of the universe that have regarded Western thinkers from the time immemorial(Perry, et al., 2008).

Greece culture still has a fundamentalimpact on the Western world right from the time after the splendor of Athens in the 5th century. The western politics was derived from the Greek where it was referred to as polis.This is due to the reason that the beginnings of politics consistof the polis itself.The polisin Greece was a very fundamental and central part of the societyin Ancient Greece.Generally, the polis was significantowing to the fact that it was among the verystructuredforms of government in the Ancient Greece. This has influenced today's society to a greater extent. Were it not for the progress of the polis, countrieslike the United States could not have succeeded governingcounties,states, andtowns. Possibly theycould be under the direct dominance of the President, depending on the nature of government that would be established. It is clear that if poliswas not developed, likely democracy could not have got the chanceto develop, and as a result most of today's counties could be governed by the tyrants of monarchs(Mitchell, 1997).

The civilization in the Greece is very important because most of countries in the whole world including the western world derived developments in political systems, scientific studies, literature, and writing. Were it not the Greek civilization there would be global problems.

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