1. A couple of factors influenced the American Revolution. One of them is Britain aggressiveness. They considered them selves as superior due to their winning tradition in wars. The events that led to the American Revolution were such as; sugar act, stamp act, British tea act, quartering act, and the continental congress boycotts British goods.

Sugar act took effect on 5th April 1764, when the colonist began to be taxed for importing sugar, coffee, and wine. The British government had many debts after the French-and Indian war and did this to raise funds to pay the debts. Stamp act was passed on March 1765 and needed the colonist to buy a stamp whenever they made a printed document. This was also a way of collecting money from the colonist so as to pay their debts. British tea act was put in place in the year 1773, whereby the British lowered the current tea tax in a condition that it should only be imported from British. The quartering act that was passed on June 1765 required the colonist to provide the British troops with food, shelter, blankets. Continental congress met on October 1774 and discussed the oppression the Americans got from the British. They put to an end slave trade, and importation of goods from British colonies.

2. Britain was known to have the most skilled military force, and they seemed to be unbeatable. Britain's military was highly ranked in the world. Their soldiers were highly equipped, well disciplined, well compensated, and well nourished. The British navy subjugated the seas. The Empire much more easily raised funds than the Continental Congress. However, the Britain had more to gain from the war, and they went against the human rights, this made other countries go against them. Countries that promised to support Britain withdrew they promise leaving them unprepared.

On the other hand, American colonies had many difficulties in raising enough funds that could be used to cater for the needs of their troops. They were unable to provide the troops with enough blankets and shoes. This made them lose their confidence, and still the British had winning tradition. Other countries such as India sided with Britain promising to provide them with reinforcement and security. Nevertheless, the American had the spirit and motivation to fight for their freedom and liberty especially went they were encouraged by the French. This made them persevere and focused in winning their freedom.

3. The aim of the Constitution was to come up with a powerful elected administration that was quick to respond to the will of the people, though, there is some disagreement over this. It was hard for 13 states to agree on an issue. During those times, the level of reading was very low, and even a senator would barely afford to buy a book. It was controversial how people did not agree on some issues and yet they are the ones who passed it. People believe that they would riot and demonstrate if they did not agree with the government, but the constitution passed was to be in place and people had to follow it.

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The founders of the constitution thought that the new government desired to be insulated from the willpower of the populace. It was also controversial because it was the first constitution to be passed by the American people and they were afraid of creating a powerful government that will lead them to monarchial leadership as they had experienced with the British. The constitution was strong and yet it would not defend against corruption.

4. There was an ongoing war between France and Britain and the British did not allow the Americans trade with France. United States took the matters to international courts, and the British restricted the trade even after gaining the authority to trade with France. The British thought that America was threatening the supremacy of British maritime. The British began invading America through waters, but they did not succeed and use their army instead of the navy. The Indians offered Britain their support by agreeing to be their allies. They provided soldiers who attacked America in the Northwest Territory.

After the Napoleonic wars, Britain expanded their shipping lines and needed more sailors to guide their shipping during war. At the time, America had the largest number of sailors and more than half of the sailors were born in Britain. Royal navy in Britain started claiming that they should have their people back and that they deserve to work for their country.  On the other hand, United States believed that they had a right to American citizenship. The British decided to take the sailors back, but it was hard to distinguish Americans and non-Americans. This was declared war, when they started taking both Americans and non-American.

5. The battle between the British and the Americans was declared by the American for various reasons. There was an ongoing war between the British and France, and America wanted to extend their border in the Northwest Territory. The British could not allow it and decide to invade America through Lake Erie. The Americans were able to gain control over the lake and the British were losing he battle. The British adopted aggressive strategies and invade Washington DC where they killed a commander on august 1814. The war resulted to death of 15000 people American taking the largest number.

American slaves were able to escape in the course of the war achieving freedom on their own. Britain lost its superiority because of engaging in many battles at the same time. This war united the French and Americans, and they were already in the world wars in the 20th century. However, after the war United States expanded their border in the Northwest Territory and trade tension were finally over.

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