Napoleon Bonaparte was a brilliant military strategist; he took in a considerable body of military knowledge of his time and could apply it to the real-world circumstance of his era. The opportunities that the French Revolution brought about and the conflict, which took, place in Europe from 1792-1815 made possible Napoleon’s meteoric career. If Napoleon died in power and left a lasting regimen, it would not have changed the course of history much when it came to issues like the First World War. Napoleon would have lost the next battles. The allies in 1815 assembled a very large coalition than the one that defeated Napoleon in 1814.

In Northern Italy and Central Germany, Australian allied armies were in the field whereas Russian troops marched from Poland. In comparison, Napoleon Army that was put in the field in 1815 was much smaller than his grand army that was in 1813-1814, and it was of a worse quality too (Scott, Rainey, & Hunt, 2000). The combined forces of the alliance would have defeated Napoleon. The French army was simply not strong enough at the era to fight any other alliances. Napoleon’s ambitions as well as his thirst for glory and power were overwhelming. Winning the battle at Waterloo would have meant ruling a larger France and Napoleon would not be satisfied with ruling an enlarged France. France would not have sustained willingly a new round of ruinous wars.

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With Napoleon’s successor in regime, there would be no peace in France because he would have the same ambition as Napoleon to conquer larger grounds. Napoleon truly believed that he was born to rule France and the world and this ambition would not deter him or his successors to fight to acquire larger grounds. This would have further weakened France. The world would be full of wars and chaos because of this thirst for more power and forces seeking to contain it. Under a Napoleon successor, many people would lose their lives; women would lose their rights, there would be censorship and controlling of newspapers and the media, there would be removal and replacement of monarchs in other countries with family members, ruined economy from the wars and establishment of a police state (Scott, Rainey, & Hunt, 2000). The named aspects characterized Napoleon rule before he lost his life and his successor would follow in the same path.


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