These can be defined as the efforts that individuals put in place to manage the rise and spread of conflicts. The best ways to bring amicable solutions to conflicts require dealing with the causes and eliminating the sources of the same. In this case, the individuals involved should take an active role to ensure the success of conflict resolution. There are various ways in which conflicts are resolved which include negotiation, mediation and diplomacy. These have achieved credible successes in bringing together warring groups to peace and facilitating the administration of appropriate justice to the criminal cases. 

In extreme cases, the people who violate the rights of others are imprisoned in a bid to facilitate change of attitude and behavior while other are taken to rehabilitation centers to make them return to their right minds and reasoning. This method could succeed on Gunnar offered to go on exile out of the country. This facilitates healing and prevents revenge from the offended. The personal shift of focus from the conflicts that Gunnar had done by being captured by the beauty of the land is a conflict resolution that is applicable when a person takes responsibility and goes away and takes moments of relaxation after busy schedules.   

The result of resolving conflicts amicably makes the difference in ensuring that conflicts end in positive outcomes. The conflicts when solved effectively increases one’s understanding of the situation as it makes them to appreciate one another’s point of view and enables them to achieve their own goals and ambitions without undermining the others. This is a major cause of conflicts as most people get themselves in conflict situations because of their own selfish desires that constantly conflict with the others.

When the participants in the conflicts find an appropriate understanding of one another, there arises increased mutual cohesion. This is emphasized in the plot when Unnur’s father declines to combat as Hrútur retains the dowry that was due to be paid for the marriage that ended in a divorce. This indicates how mature the father was in showing him respect in spite of the evil that was done to the daughter.

Confrontation is also seen as a method that most of those offended use to handle injustice done to them. Unnur confronted that husband who was involved in an affair with the queen mother in Norway. They engage in physical confrontation and end in divorce.

They are also seen to follow legal proceedings in trying to follow up the dowry that is withheld by Hrútur which is an element of negotiation when the matter is taken to court and fails due to the advice and tricks given to him by Njal. There are also incidences when restitutions are made by the husbands who cater for the financial obligations that were incurred.

There are also cases when the ones involved attempts to pursue reconciliation when an offence has been committed to a person. This is seen when the slave undertook to seek amends with Gunnar although it is not accepted. Hallgerður seeks to restore Gunnar’s bow string broken during his defence in a bid to restore family ties with Gunnar (Bannon &.Collier, 2003).

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Approaches used in conflict resolution

The method that is pronounced in the text is the competitive method. Most people tend towards competitive and quick solutions to their conflicts like taking their side of the conflict. They desire to make the others know what they want and operate from a firm position derived from authority and respect of one’s individuality and a sense of value. Njal is seen to issue threats to Gunner to death if the latter murdered twice from the same family which is violated.

This method of resolution is used majorly in making fast decision and when dealing with issues of exploitation towards the unfortunate members of the society. This has been seen on many occasions when court cases are pursued by Unnur’s father, Hallgerður also seek restore broken relations with Gunnar after a fierce battle.

Another method that is used is collaboration which is proposed to meet the desires of all the parties that take part in the same. This is when Njal cooperates with Hallgerður in defending him to retain the dowry that was to be paid to Unnur.

The other way to deal with the conflict involves compromise that takes the voluntary initiative of one or both parties partly for the benefit of all. The parties yield, relinquish certain rights and positions and give up so that peace may prevail. The father in law to Hrutur refuses to fight back when the former intentionally desired it.

Cooperation is used more than assertion. This is applicable when the issues are more important to the other individual and peace is needed other than winning the argument or when the favored party desires to retain rapport. This was seen when Kari pursues Flosi to the home to seek reconciliation.

On other scenes, arbitration is used when resolving the disputes when compensation is ought by the law ordered by courts.

In conclusion, the above has summarized part of the conflict resolution methods that can be applicable to the Njal’s saga. The conflicts destroy the organization’s goals and cooperation especially when it is not dealt with earlier in time. The Njal’s case is a situation of conflicts giving birth to another since the issues are not agreed upon by the conflicting sides for consensus. The pride and personal ego also hinder one to calm things down to bring appropriate solutions to the emerging issues. The proposals given by the approach can result in the partial solutions to the real roots of problems (Augsburger, 1992).

The case of Njal’s saga is a typical example of a conflict that spread to the environment that had the influence of Njal family starting with the highly respected officials in the government and ending up in bloody revenge actions that were propagated by his sons. This could be explained to be resulting from the inappropriate treatment of these people whom they influence as they failed to respect the others that surround them.

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