History Essay Introduction

Many factors affected the colonists' minds that they changed their minds and after peaceful subordination to Britain, they began fighting for independence mid-1770s. During the 1950s, the Americans began looking beyond their internal politics and paying attention to the British policies.

Educated Americans mounted an ideological attack on the British policies that were introduced. The colonists drew inspiration from intellectual traditions (the English common law, the age of enlightenment in Europe and the arguments in Europe that attacked the power of government financiers).

In 1965, the American opposition to the stamp act crisis started in March. A Massachusetts meeting was called for an inter-colonial meeting, which was agreed by British merchants. Colonists also protested the Townshend Acts. The Americans resistance to this act resulted from a profound transition in the colonial economy. The Americans also had moralistic reasons to call to a halt for the mass importation of European goods and this was supported by American women to the non-importation movement (American Revolution).

Why and How the Colonies Were Brought to Declare Independence?

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There are some factors that facilitated the revolutionary movement that brought them to almost declaring independence. Lord North's British strategy or lack of it during the war had serious repercussions because he assumed that; patriotic forces could not win against British regulars, that the war in America is the same as that of Europe and that a military victory could automatically make the colonies come back to their mommy-Britain. On the other hand, the revolutionary movement had advantages over Britain's less-than-brilliant strategy in that they fighting on home soil, the colonists had easier access to supplies and better tactics and did not have 'stupid' generals who were in the war for their personal glory (Horace Greeley High School).

Apush Essay Conclusion

The American Revolution by 1774 was not inevitable. This was due to the fact that the colonists were annoyed by the intolerable coercive and Quebec acts that were introduced in response to the Tea Party. The Acts confirmed to the colonists the British plot and the colonies therefore agreed to send delegates to Philadelphia for the continental congress and vowed there was no turning back to protest the acts (Horace Greeley High School).

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