Rough riders was a name given to members of the first US volunteer Cavalry regiment who were under Theodore Roosevelt in 1898 during the Spanish-American war. In July 1st 1898, the regiment captured kettle hill and then assisted in the seizure of Juan ridge at San Juan Hill. This established Roosevelt's reputation. This essay will examine the Spanish-American war and Roosevelt's prowess and his message to the American people during this war.

During the break of the war in April, Roosevelt was an assistant secretary of the navy. He quit his job and formed a regiment of volunteers known as the Rough Riders. But due to his inexperience, he suggested that Leonard be the commander and he be colonel. His wish granted, they had 1,250 men who were mainly cowboys, Indians and aristocratic athletes from the East. On June 1898 they were ready for the war after a little training. 30th June 1898, Roosevelt was made colonel of the rough riders after wood was promoted. On July 1st, Roosevelt captured the Kettle Hill and on foot, he led another assault at Juan Hill which he captured.  He called this "crowded hour" his greatest moment. The city surrendered after the capture of Juan Hill and the war was virtually over. Later tropical diseases' toll was worse than from the battle and TR called for the Rough Riders to be taken home to save lives. The regiment was later mustered on September 16th 1898.

During the Spanish-American war, Colonel Roosevelt distinguished himself as a brave soldier during the assault at San Juan Hill. In disregard of his personal safety, he led a charge up at Juan Hill while encouraging his troops to fight. His display of extraordinary bravery coupled with his leadership and valor skills turned the tide during the San Juan Hill battle.  His heroism and devotion to duty meant that he kept with the highest traditions of military service and credits him, his unit and the United States Army (McSherry P.).

An assistant secretary in the navy, Roosevelt resigned during the Spanish-American war of 1898 and formed a regiment called Rough Riders. He took charge of the regiment and on July 1st, 1898 they captured kettle hill. On the same day while on foot, he led another assault and captured San Juan Hill a battle he called his greatest moment and this signaled the end of the war. He showed a lot of determination, bravery, devotion and vigor as well as leadership skills during the war that he was feted at home. The regiment was feted after their return home on 16th September 1898.

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