These two writings were drafted in the United States’ history to enlighten freedom. However, the aspect of freedom that each author advocated for differ significantly. Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration to Independence content announces freedom from the Great Britain and resolutions to political and military fears to the Americans. However, Cady Stanton’s Declaration of Sentiments and resolution enlighten the freedom of the American women from the male oppression and domination. Cady’s declaration thus focuses much on the place of women in the society.  

Comparison between Thomas Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence and Cady Stanton’s Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution

Cady’s writing displays an activist position. That is, an arena for one to stand out and fight for the voiceless. Cady thus sort to fight for the elimination of slave trade that was eminent in American society. Due to this, Americans were able to fight and attain independency from their colonies. Although certain Americans owned slaves, unity was required if at all they were to succeed slave abolition. It further prompted Cady to incorporate the spirit of unity for independence in her work. This is similar to Jefferson’s Declaration to Independence in the sense that a nation should not be separated for it to achieve its goal (Jefferson and Hardt 67). United States Declaration to Independence announced to the States which were under Britain rule their time for freedom. Jefferson’s text thus pleads with the American’s to fight for their rights and freedom that comes with such rights. Situations highlighted in both of these writings calls for radical actions. The Americans citizens for instance are under threat and with wars certainly looming at their does. Similarly, Cady’s text is also written after she had sensed danger when one portion of the family members became voiceless.

Although these writings are addressing different perspectives in the society, they both join up to advocate for equality.  Both the writings justify their claim by using omniscient mechanism who over rules the works and perception of men. Through the use of creator in the text, the authors are able to convince the readers of God’s perfect will for all humanity. This usage advocates for equal application of human rights regardless of gender or race (Jefferson and Hardt 68). Cady cites that governments can only be instituted when individuals are accorded their absolute rights. This makes it clear that oppositions are bound to rise whenever these rights are not respected by governments. In such cases individuals would resort into forming new governments which can secure these rights (Ely, Finkerlman, and Hall 315). This is quite similar to what Jefferson’s Declaration to Independence addresses in his writing. Wars had erupted between the Great Britain and their colonies who were not satisfied with their rule. As a result, Jefferson cites that it was time for the Americans to have their own forms of government that would address their grievances.

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Declaration to Independence acted as an official clarification to the American’s why the congress had voted against the Britain in England. This document was made on behalf of the entire American society with specific involvement of men. Jefferson’s wrote this document behalf of the American Congress (Jefferson and Hardt 68-71). However, Cady’s Declaration of Sentiments and Resolution is a form of sensitization on the individuals affected. As a result, she stood her ground advocating for the rights of women. Eventually she sort for women to fight for rights which would make them be acknowledged in the society. Such activists are what have developed into the current strive for women liberation in the society. The other difference in these writings is their biasness (Jefferson, Fink and United States 125). Each declaration never gave opportunity for the opposite sex probably because the writers addressed people of their sex. Owing to this gender biasness, the writings have not given outlines for the new governments. These documents also had different agendas which are evident from their content and organization process. For example, Cady organized Seneca Falls Convention whose theme was to manage individuals who could educate others of women suffering and eventually endorse support for the Declaration of Sentiments. However, Jefferson’s Congress meeting agenda was to vote from England so as to attain independence (Ely, Finkerlman, and Hall 317).      

In both the writings, the authors organized their views into three coherent and logical parts. That is, preamble or the introduction, then the list of grievances and finally the conclusion or the resolutions reached. The introduction stated the role played by individuals in forming governments or pursuit of pleasure as their right. It is also made clear in Cady’s work that these rights are acquire from the equality given to both men and women by their creator. The principles of these declarations are stated in this part. Such clarity and open approach to an issue is meant to send signal to anyone reading such documents (Graves and Donlan 56). The second part of these texts gives inventory of the grievances which prompted both the parties to produce such writings. Through the grievances the authors acts as the voice of the people. In this context, Jefferson presents how the Americans suffered at the hands of Great Britain king. On the other hand Cady presents the grievances of women based on their suffering in the hands of men (Ely, Finkerlman, and Hall 320). This part indicates how the human rights have been violated by either perpetrator making them future threats. The other part in these writings is the conclusion that is based on the rights of women and colonies. In both cases, there is emphasis of the preamble which is further defended by a list of grievances. The contextual organizations of these works make them important documents towards liberation process in the society. 

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