What caused World War Two and why did the U.S. become involved in it?

The occurrence of the world war two was triggered by several chains of events which include the invasion of Poland by Hitler by bringing France and Great Britain into war. Secondly, Japan provoked China by taking over Manchuria hence the war break out. Thirdly, Japan provoked the US by taking over the US fleet at Pearl Harbor thus the United States made an entry into the war. Lastly when Germany invaded the USSR, the Soviet Union joined the war.

In the month of September 1939, Hitler went against the warning that had been issued to him by sending troops into Poland. Hitler did this in an attempt to take over Poland. However, this did not go well with Great Britain and France who had forewarned Hitler not to make an attempt of taking over its neighboring countries (Sulzberger 73).

The failure of the treaty of the Versailles also triggered the occurrence of the World War Two.  After the world war one, the treaty signed treated in a very harsh manner and the German people resented the treaty with high critique. The treaty entailed; the severe restriction of Germany's military, the treaty led to Germany's loss of territories in Europe which forced them to give up their territories from its colonies overseas.  Another consequence which Germany suffered as a result of the treaty was the payment of $33 billion for the war damages. The implementation of the above treaty therefore left Germany with grievances (Fritz 301). Unemployment and the economic crisis took the center stage forcing Hitler to defy the orders whilst going against the treaty. Hitler thus started rebuilding of the massive army, the nation, militarizing the neighboring Rhineland, and began threatening its neighbors which finally led to the fallout of the world war two.

In Europe and in the Pacific, why did the Allies win?

The allies who included Soviet Union, Poland, France, Republic of China, United States, and United Kingdom won because of various reasons. In Europe for instance, the Germany and Italy's quest to expand their empires in North Africa was hampered by bad morale and poor strategy. The British and its colonies managed to comfortably repel the Axis at the Siege of Malta. This was a battle of El Alamein which was Africa's turning point together with the battle of Britain stooped the German's from advancing to the west. The Germans and the Italians were also deterred from making an entry into the Middle East by the British forces.  The siege of the Stalingrad also proved to be disastrous to the Germans and hampered its advancement to the east.  The British navy and the merchant ships became very innovative and devised the new modes of transport and defense of the merchant ships. The British navy therefore did out-compete the German navy who stuck to their U-Boats and used them in attacking the British merchant ships. However, with the British navy's innovation and creativity the German U-Boats were rendered ineffective and thus their allies won the war. Owing to the fact that Germany and Italy were under the constant bombardment by the US air force and the RAF, ninety percent of the German cities were badly destroyed and this weakened the Germans forces.

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The allies won the war in the pacific owing to a number of reasons. First, Japans Empire underestimated the ability of United States to propagate war in the pacific. However, the Japanese were defeated and this encouraged the American navy to turn the naval war across the entire pacific. In the course of the war, Japanese army lacked resources to fund and continue the warfare. On the other hand, British navy in Burma decisively pushed the Japanese in Burma resulting into the deaths of about four hundred thousand Japanese soldiers. The US army therefore captured numerous islands to the extent of taking over Japan as a whole.

The allies won the world war two also due to the axis powers which were out-thought and out-numbered hence outcompeted in the war. Unlike their allies who had adequate resources and poured more troops into the war, the Axis ran out of resources and lose grounds very quickly and had to give up the war hence the defeat by the rivals. In Europe for instance, the Germans were virtually surrounded by the British and the Russians who were their bitter rivals.asa result of this, fifty percent of the German army were killed by the Russian and the British army thus liberating France (Fritz 245).

 Japanese army heavily lost due to their fight in pursuance of the three major large scale fronts which included China, the pacific, and India. This became cumbersome to them since their rivals had adequate resources unlike them thus overpowering them. With Germany's advanced technology notwithstanding, they lost in their warfare as they made an attempt to attack Russia due to poor strategy. The Germans navy was equipped with the summer equipment when they invaded Russia because Hitler thought the war would fall during the summer which was never to be.

What were the consequences of the war-both geopolitically and domestically?

The occurrence of the world war two saw the involved countries suffer major consequences in different perspectives.  A number of casualties were inflicted as a result of the war. The occupation of the Soviet Union in Eastern Europe encouraged the forceful spread of communism thus setting the stage for the cold war (Sulzberger 135).

World war two led to the economic crisis amongst the involved nations in Europe. It is for this reason that Japanese army had to surrender the war. The United States plunged into huge debts as a result of the war since they spent more than ninety five million dollars.  

The devastating consequence of war led to the loss of millions of lives while millions of others were left homeless. This was necessitated by the use of the nuclear weapons and the emergence of the superpowers. The social changes also occurred as a result of the war, for instance millions of Germans had to leave Romania, Hungary, and Czech so as to prevent future reclaims of land.

In their quest to come up with more effective weapons to enable them conquer their enemies, the massive engineering projects and scientific research was developed in United States, Japan, and Germany. This led to the generation of a lasting effect in the manner in which the technological advancements are made to date. The major engineering projects such as the Manhattan project which was constituted during the war played a crucial role in the technological advancements.

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