Germany is considered the strongest relationship between World War I and II. At the end of World War I, Germany attracted the most blame for starting the war. Germany was compelled to pay reparations to different countries thereby becoming very poor, weak and vulnerable. This situation created a perfect opportunity for strong nationalist leaders like Adolf Hitler to take power and was a major cause for World War II. World War I started as a result of many reasons. Furthermore, it was as a result of two major alliances, the first being Russia, G. Britain and France and the second being Germany, Hungary, Austria and Italy. Arms race was too a major reason for the war. After the First World War, Germany was humiliated and was forced to take the greatest blame for it. As mentioned earlier, Germany’s economy took a turn for the worst and this is where World War I plays a factor in World War II. Hitler, having served as an officer in World War I used the low morale of the Germans as a result of depression, famine, and other types of economic collapse in his attempt to rise to power. Hitler later put the blame on G. Britain, France and Russia for compelling Germany into its humiliation forming grounds to invade and go to war with this countries resulting in World War II.

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The major difference in which the two wars were fought was introduction of mechanization and air power in World War II which was at its lowest in World War I. World War II is known for its high mobility in fighting, which can be well depicted by German’s Blitzkrieg doctrine. Nonetheless, World War I was also a mobile war at first but rather quickly stagnated into war of attrition. The Second World War also became a war of attrition, though with the introduction of military tanks and sophisticated air power made it highly mobile. Static defense too became harder to maintain thereby becoming less visible in the war.    

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