Research procedure on indoor improvement through products and staff

Indoor environment of any premises is mostly connected to the health of the occupants of that premises and this provides a wide field of research. It is important to know what research one is conducting before going into the field to conduct one. Knowing the group of people targeted is also equally important. A research on how to improve the indoor environment should focus on the products that are used to improve the indoors and how the staff of such premises can help in improving the indoors (Brizee, 2010).

The tools that are used in this research are to be followed by strict ethics of research. The tools that are used for the research included the following as discussed. The first tool used was the conduction of interviews. The ethics governing the use of interviews for this research include the statement of the security level of the subject. The researcher should state if the interview is anonymous or not. This should be enforced by signing of legal documents or making the statement while being recorded. The researcher shall not also force the subject to be interviewed or to answer any questions that they do not wish to answer (Doug Brugge, 2005).

The interview shall provide the quantitative aspects of the research. The interviews shall help to answer questions like how many staff helps in indoor improvement, or how many products the premises use for the indoor improvement. The data shall then be analysed using listening and typing the script into a report. Grouping of results and responses will help to develop a statistical chart (Shuttleworth, 2009).

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The other method of research to be use is the surveying. The choice of the survey premises shall be random but within the proximity of the researcher. This method is efficient because it will help the researcher to get qualitative information on indoor improvement and also help answer how to improve indoor improvement (Doug Brugge, 2005). The ethics to be followed when conducting a survey is using polite language, the questions should be objective and not subjective; they should not be presumptuous and should not be confusing by use of lengthy statements. The questions asked should also not be double barrelled and should answer one question a time. (Brizee, 2010)

The survey should only be conducted when there is approval from the subject. The qualitative information from this tool will answer the type of products used , what chemicals they contain, how they are used, how effective they are and what changes should be made for indoor improvement products. The survey shall also help to answer the questions on how to reduce the steps of indoor improvement. The survey data will be analysed by grouping the answers of the open ended question into categories or fitting the yes and no answers into an excel sheet (Brizee, 2010).

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