Team members usually exhibit different ideas, preferences, and philosophies. These elements feature prominently in team settings where members are from different social backgrounds, race, religion, culture, and individual traits. In such a situation, it is important for the team members to choose the most reliable method for achieving to achieve the desired team objectives. Choosing the right method will involve proper understanding of the concept of diversity.

First, diversity fosters better cooperation among team members. When team members are aware about their differences, they will try to avoid issues that make other members uncomfortable. This was witnessed during my group discussion where we all agreed on timely arrival at the meeting venue and the need to communicate with team members effectively. There was a situation when one of our members failed to alert others that he would be attending a church session. The meeting time had to be revised in order to accommodate her church session.  

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Secondly, diversity fosters team development. This is because it ensures that all members’ contributions are acknowledged. In order for the bond among team members to develop effectively, the team members need to desire each other’s differences. However annoying the differences may be, members need to appreciate others the way they are. As a result,  team members will be able to use their differences as a basis of achieving unity.

Finally, diversity fosters the formulation of ideas and solutions in the team. When members appreciate each other’s diversity they are able to accommodate their views without judging. Since ideas vary, the ideas proposed by each member as a solution to a problem will vary in terms of accuracy. This means that members need to acknowledge each other’s intelligence. This will eliminate feelings of superiority among some members and consequently they will agree on the best solution. 

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