Fitness Associates are a group of health professions who offer services in physical fitness and exercise ranging from sale of state of the art exercise and fitness training equipments, designing exercise programs and evaluation of such programs. Your employees can improve their overall health through engagement in regular exercise and consequently improve their productivity if an on-site fitness centre is provided. Our programs range from weight reduction, strength training, endurance training, body conditioning, and sports training.

Such an on-site fitness centre would help employee’s workout before or after work making this a routine. Such a facility is not expensive to set up; neither does it require being big. However, the benefits of such a facility not only improve the overall health of employees but also reduce stress, which is a common cause of low employee productivity.

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Fitness associates offer services to help you improve your overall health through exercise prescription. All the fitness programs are designed to suit individual needs by giving personalized services to all our clients. We engage qualified and competent fitness instructors who are result oriented offering exceptionally services.

Weight reduction programs are particularly a proven method of increasing employee productivity by preventing long-term health risks such as hypertension, diabetes, cardio-respiratory conditions, and obesity among others. In addition, fit employees rarely ask for sick leaves saving on the company’s medical costs and increasing productivity.

If your company installs an on-site fitness centre by 1st December 2011, Fitness Associates will offer a free fitness assessment to all your employees to determine their training needs. This is an important and the first step in exercise prescription.

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