Thank you for your letter dated 20 October 2011, requesting for a replacement for your motorbike, which you stated that it broke down recently. We appreciate your information about the fault on the motorbike. It is always our desire to serve our customers and provide them with products and services of high quality.

Motorcycle enterprises, offers a two-year guarantee for all its motorbikes. This warranty includes providing spare parts and free labor on repairs for motorbikes on ordinary usage. Customers sign a warranty form on purchase of every motorbike from any of our branches. The manual that is provided to every customer on purchase of a motorbike provides all the terms and conditions under which the warranty is applicable.

Therefore, we have dedicated our time to inspect the state of your motorbike and after a thorough inspection, we realized that the proper use and fueling of the motorbike as provided in the warranty form and the user manual had not been observed, this has actually led to the breakdown of your motorbike.

The major mistakes done were:

  • You used a wrong engine oil
  • Used leaded gasoline
  • Carried excess weight

The three cases noted above have damaged most parts of your motorbike and as stated in our policy and on the user manual, we will not be in a position to provide a replacement for your motorbike. The user manual states that unleaded gasoline and pure engine oil should be used. During the inspection, we realized that you used leaded gasoline and impure engine oil at some point. Furthermore, the warranty, which you signed on purchase of the motorbike, is valid for only two years upon which the customer is given free spare parts or a replacement is done on any damage on motorbikes under normal use. This is actually the third year since the motorbike was purchased; hence, the warranty is no longer valid.

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We have qualified mechanics that we trust and have done us a great work on related problems that other customers have faced. We recommend that they work on your motorbike at normal repair rates and promise to do you a quality work. These repairs are assured for 60 days. If you would recommend us for the repair, please call our repair department at +456-899-78-84. You will be able to use your motorbike as before as soon as our team repairs it. In case of any questions and further clarification, we are glad to hear from you. Reach our customer service desk through these contacts + 456-781-7245 or + 456-789-8913.

We, however, have new motorbikes and we encourage our customers to visit any of our branches so that they can get more information about them. We are also opening a new branch in 287 5th Avenue opposite the Waal Shopping mall next month. We will carry out a display on 3 November 2011, this will be the first day of our business in the new branch, and customers can win several gifts.

Our dedicated customer service executives are always willing and will be available for consultation on site. Purchases can also be made and we will offer free delivery for all purchases to customer’s place of residence if need be.

Thank you so much for your continuous support on our goods and services. We look forward to serving you again.

Yours sincerely

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