HTC is one of the international brands that deal with the manufacturing of smart phones. HTC was number 98, Best Global Brands rankings released by Inter-brand in 2011. It is the most successful brand in the manufacturing of smart phones.  This is because of the quality of their cell phones that have 3G internet and wireless connections among other features. Cher Wang is the chairwoman of HTC. Peter Chou is the President and the Chief Executive Officer.

HTC offices are in China. China is one of the developed countries in the world. The level of technology in China is very high. This technology can be employed in the manufacturing of the phone to increase the productivity. The economy of China is well established and therefore, the market for the product is readily available. The company is less likely to suffer from any financial problems.

HTC mobile phones are providing users with the ability to use their phones for business.  The HTC phones has  the Windows Mobile operating system, allowing users to view documents created through Microsoft applications such as Excel, Word and Power point. (Woyke, 2009) The phones support can also support Outlook Mobile giving the users the chance to send and receive emails. The phones also have the 3G internet that enables the users to access the internet. The 3G internet is much faster than the 2G internet phone.

HTC manufacturers provide the most popular handsets on the market today. HTC mainly manufactures the touch screen, smart phone and PDA mobiles. The handsets have great internet connectivity like the 3G internet and 4G internet. The phones also have large colorful screens and have multimedia features. This has led to the company being one of the most competitive cell phone manufactures in the world.

The Company Mission Statement

The company’s mission is to increase its sales and researching more to come up with high quality mobile phones. HTC will be selling smart phones in China under its own brand name in a partnership with China Mobile. This will increase the sales of the cell phone as this increases the market. In the year 2010, HTC sold many handsets and the sales had increased by 11% in the year 2009.

HTC Mission

HTC has a mission is to become the world’s leading  supplier of mobile and cell phones by providing uniquely designed phones. The company is working to achieving this research and development products.

Threats Faced by HTC

Competition is one of the threats that HTC is facing. HTC is facing competition from various cell phone manufactures. This manufactures include:

  • BlackBerry handsets are the mobile phones that are on high demand in the market. Their phones provide users with a phone that they can access their email and they have large screens for better view among other amazing features.
  • Apple has the technology and style that they use to make their range of iPhones which have been on the high demand today. They offer phone with the fast internet. This is one of the largest mobile manufactures in the world followed by Samsung. Their products are on high demand.
  • Nokia is the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer. It sells a wide range of mobile phones of different sizes, with few features and others with many features. They have a large market share.
  • Sony Ericsson is known for its highly successful function-rich Cyber shot, Xperia and Walkman handsets. It makes mobile phones that are on high demand very competitive.
  • Samsung mobile phone sells stylish handsets with amazing features. This is the second largest mobile phones manufactures in the world. They also manufacture touch screen phones that are highly on demand.
  • Google makes Android mobile phone with gorgeous design and they are some of the most demanded in the world.


At the Mobile World Congress 1n 2011, HTC was awarded as the best manufacturer of smart phones of the year2011. The company has higher market share than that Nokia one and it is the third largest smart phone manufacturer in the world while the first is Apple.

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HTC has invested in research and development of the department that has a quarter of its employees. This helps to come up with high quality mobile phones. HTC runs a software design office in Seattle where it designs the features of the phones.

 HTC has a research and development office in Durham in North Carolina which deals with the wireless technology that is required to make mobile phones. The research helps to come up with products that match the customer needs. Research also helps to come up with unique designs and features for the phones. (Holson, 2008)

The company is producing handsets that have great features that will attract customers. In the year 2010, the company launched a 4G internet capable phone. This was the first 4G internet phone in the United States. This phone attracted the large number of customers who required high internet speed in their phones.


HTC has a wide share of the market compared to other mobile manufacture like Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Blackberry, LG among others. HTC began designing some of the world’s highly demanded phones that have touch screen and wireless connectivity. The company was the first to create the Microsoft-powered smart phone in the year 2002.

Since the company can make unique and high quality mobile phones it has a chance of being very competitive in the market. The users look for the mobile phones that have features that meet all their needs. (Macsai, 2010)The 4G internet mobile phone is suitable for users who need quick access to the internet. HTC is able to manufacture them an opportunity to increase their market share.

Marketing Strategies

HTL makes use of the 4ps marketing strategy. It makes high quality products that meet the consumer needs. The 4G internet phone manufacturing is a strategy aimed at meeting the customers’ need for the faster internet in the phone.

HTC is targeting the best place to sell its products. HTC has started selling smart phones in China under its own brand name in a partnership with China Mobile. China is one of the developed countries in the world and it would provide the best market for the HTC products.

HTC mobile phones are sold at different prices according to the feature of the phone. The prices are set according to the quality of the product. Due to other competitors, HTC charge fair prices to avoid losing their customers and the potential customers.

Public Relations

Public relations are important to create a good image of the firm. Good public relations help any organization to change the negative public attitude towards the organization to a positive one.  In the year 2009, HTC sponsored the HTC-Highroad cycling team. This team is currently the most successful cycling team from the year 2009 to 2011.


HTC should have a low pricing policy. This will ensure that people in the developing countries can also afford to purchase the mobile phones.

HTC can cooperate with the phone operator to give offers to customers. For example, any person who buys a phone should be given a month of free calls.

 Research on the software they can install in the phones to come up with a unique feature for the phones. To increase creativity HTC should employ any person who comes up with a fantastic idea and help the person to develop that idea.

HTC should listen to the complaints of the customers to come up with the products that satisfy their needs. The customer may be requiring high quality cameras, different shapes and colors of the phones or faster internet. (Macsai, 2010)


HTC is a brand that although faced by so many competitions has a chance to be the world’s most competitive mobile manufactures. The marketing research to find out the customer tastes and the technology research to come up uniquely designed phones can enable the firm to be the most competitive. HTC has good public relations since it engages in sponsoring of events.

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