What is a virtual office? Do we really know how to create a virtual office? Or do we know what benefits of a virtual office are? We need to be up-to-date with technological changes to accrue benefits associated with technology. This is an informative speech that will briefly educate us on how to create and benefit from a virtual office.

How to Create a Virtual Office

We will start by giving a definition of a virtual office. It is defined as addresses services and off-site live communications that let users to reduce the conventional costs of office but maintaining business professionalism at the same time. The history of a virtual office dates back to the time of information age and technological innovations and the first commercial use of a virtual office occurred in 1994.

In the era we are in, workplaces have no boundaries especially due to the fact, that employees are located all over the world. With the increasing prices of ‘real offices,’ virtual offices have become attractive to many businesses. Before one can create a virtual office, it is important that the business address for the virtual office to be based at a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency, or a mail box number. Next step is to choose the way of connection, such as emails, cell phones, VoIP, instant messages or any other that may be appropriate. Then decide on the location for the virtual office. The place is then furnished to create a working atmosphere while ensuring that there is enough space for installing the computers, telephone lines, and fax machines.

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The next step is to install the necessary software on the computers depending on the needs (presentations, web conferencing, meeting scheduling etc.). Installing an anti-virus program is necessary will in protecting the computers. Next is to get in touch with telephone service provider for provision of an interactive voice response (IVR) that will be used to manage calls while not onsite. The next step will be to set up an intranet facility that is accessible to the company employers when passing vital information or by use of Virtual Private Network (VPN). This is to ensure confidentiality in the transferred material and keeping track of who accesses it. 

It is important that when all the above is done, official meeting with clients, co-workers and any of the  involved part is held at a convenient location over a cup of tea or coffee. If no people can attend, then they can be connected through webcams, instant messaging, or cell phones. Employees need to submit their timesheets to check on their number of working hours (eHow). 

Benefits of Virtual Offices

Virtual offices are credited for their many benefits. They have transformed the way people conduct their business and many businesses can now be conducted using these virtual offices. Below is a list of some benefits of the virtual offices.

  • Elimination of rent costs. The high cost of rental space is saved and with use of homes, one might be eligible for tax breaks.
  • Reduction of transport costs. A virtual office will greatly come to handy especially now that gas and fuel costs are on the rise.
  • Virtual offices are very flexible as employees can work comfortably from their homes saving time and commuter allowances. This means that people can balance on their jobs, family, and leisure.
  • Virtual offices can help hire employees based on their expertise, talent, and cost effectiveness without looking at the person’s location. For example, a programmer can live in Britain but work for a U.S. based company (Resource Nation).   

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