Many challenges in the intelligence community have come about with the advancement of technology. The U.S is currently experiencing a major foreign intelligence threat resulting from counterintelligence of other world powers through open source intelligence gathering, espionage, and disclosure of sensitive and classified information. The aim of this paper is to examine the actions that the U.S intelligence community should help to alleviate the foreign intelligence community.

Unclassified data is information that is readily available to the public. Unclassified information might be sensitive; therefore, restraint is required to control what data is released to the public portal. To reduce the threat that results from the unclassified information, there should be thorough study of the information before releasing it to be sure of the safety of the information regarding counterintelligence.

Open source information is the information that is readily available to the public. Open source intelligence involves collecting of information from the newspapers, radios, internet, from government reports and public data the analyzing it to give intelligence (Richelson & Jeffrey, 2011). Open source information collection as a form of counterintelligence and is a major foreign intelligence threat. To mitigate the foreign threat resulting from counterintelligence from the open source information, the government needs to scrutinize the information given to the public. Scrutiny of the information determines the risks of such information as a source for counter intelligence. Creating awareness to the private sector on the foreign intelligence threat and educating the audience on the way the information given to the public might be a source of counterintelligence would also help mitigate the foreign intelligence threat (Counter intelligence committee, 2005). Another way of mitigating open source counterintelligence is by censoring information in the media.

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Classified information is the information that is not open to the public to gain access. Classified information is obtainable through industrial espionage from different countries. To counter the foreign intelligence threat that results from espionage the intelligence agencies should form counterintelligence that is more community based and more coordinated. Educating the intelligence partners on ways to identify espionages will greatly help in reducing the threat caused by espionage (Rusbridge, 1991). Once spies are identified they should be arrested which will make the adversaries reconsider espionage. Promoting exchange of intelligence between foreign governments while considering the threat that arises from the sharing would help identify foreign adversaries involved in espionage.


There exists a major foreign intelligence threat in U.S and the intelligence players should study information before releasing it to the public to avoid open source information counterintelligence. The intelligence players should also be aware of espionage and there should be implementation of strict measures against espionage. The foreign intelligence threat will then reduce when there is implementation of the measures.

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