Every person has a special place where they eat from in town, a place where they like everything about. A destination where they know there will certainly be the best of their food tastes. For some people, they will be guided by variety, for others, it could be matters of hygiene and space, or even for matters of convenience in one way or the other. These places have one common thing; they are places where a person would like to get the best of food after a tiring walk or a long day’s work.  All the same, while most people like to visit Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) for whatever reason, there is one thing about the inhuman way through which the chicken are killed that if people had known would make them shy away from the restaurant.

As we patiently waited for the KFC restaurant to open, there was a lot of fuss in the air. We had arrived a bit early with my friend before operations had fully begun for another day at KFC. Having arrived at the restaurant with hungry stomachs, the far away look of weary travelers seemed to desert us for a while. This was suddenly changed by the chicken we saw stretching helplessly on the floor of the kitchen.  A number of the chickens were at once shoved into small cages to make them immobile. The workers were handling live chickens by slamming them into walls and stomped on in the name of having fun on their job. The Chefs were ruthless cutting the chicken in pieces and handling them in a very inhuman way. All excitement and hunger started to fade away.  

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This was a perplexing story as we saw concerning KFC chicken. We were all by ourselves with shock. It was disturbing to see chickens not able to move and to stay settled for a long time. The chickens broke off their wings when they tried to move slightly. This was indeed a very painful procedure for the chickens and no sober person would still go ahead to sit at the restaurant having had an encounter with this. The scene was indeed disturbing and the well displayed chicken at the selling point was not good enough to win our appetite anymore. Actually, my friend and I did not eat from the restaurant that day. This was just a tip of the iceberg that we saw. The result was even more surprising when we enquired more about it later on.

All this time, I came to realize that KFC had hidden the truth from us. The manner in which the chickens were killed was very inhuman. I later came to know that the chickens are normally fed with steroids that enhance being top-heavy amounting to breaking of wings and legs as a result of the heavy weight. The abuse done to the chicken was indeed unnecessary and could even make the hunger stricken person sympathize with the chicken. The breeding of the chicken at KFC is usually done in a way that promotes them to heaviness to gain a lot of meat. The image that we saw on that day was facilitated by the process involved in rearing these chickens. In actual sense, only the ignorant would stand the delicacy that is normally served at KFC.

In conclusion, people should think a lot before they make a certain place a destination for dinning.  KFC looks like an average fast-food restaurant to eat from but there is a lot to be desired. If people had an idea of the way the chickens are killed, I am afraid they will consider eating the chicken from KFC restaurant. Well, for whatever reason that makes people choose their fast-food restaurants, KFC would certainly be given a second thought because of what goes on behind the curtains. 

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