When someone is speaking, it is important to make an eye contact. The audience should keep eyes on the speaker at all times. The same case applies when somebody is making a comment; a person should turn and face the person. In my own view, I believe that eye contact makes the listener hear what the speaker is not saying. In simple terms, it is very easy to know whether the speaker is saying the truth or not. Looking at the speaker also improves the efficiency of the information being passed on. Attention of a student who does not make an eye contact with the instructor may be diverted and thus a student fails to get what he or she was supposed to hear. When in social gatherings, making an eye contact is useful in building confidence to speaker. To the listener, it helps to tell the sincerity of the speaker. In most cases a person who is lying finds it difficult to make an eye contact. To avoid being thought so, it is imperative to make an eye contact.

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If a person wins or excels in doing something, it is not a wise thing to brag. In the event a person looses, it is not good to show anger. It does not really matter what are the ability of the person. It is important to exude calm and confidence with humility. This will usually come with a lot of appreciation. It is human to achieve and to fail to achieve. Thus, endeavoring to prove to be perfect only makes a person appear foolish. Emotions like anger and excitement wears people out if exaggerated. In such instances people cannot make meaningful decisions and may end up ruining the achievement that made them happy or cause more harm after losing. By being calm in either occasion, we avoid the risk of messing up at the end of the day. When we receive a correction at school and do not become angry it helps us to reflect and make corrections. By not bragging after having an achievement we find out that it helps in maintaining the status and creating room for more opportunities in the future both at school and in the society.

Another important aspect is to make every effort to be as organized as possible. Good organization at school prevents poor performance. Time needs planning and with good planning every activity is attended and more especially where a number of things is to be done. Success is an aspect realized from a personal and group effort. However, for any individual to be successful in the community, he or she must be a good planner. Individual organization amounts to positive development of oneself. Good organization is therefore paramount in tackling what a person needs to do to succeed in life. 

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