Women want cultural successful men.  Women find more benefits in this attribute in long-term relationships. In that regard, they want an alpha male who has certain status and is able to provide for the offsprings that may come about due to the mating. As a result, women seek for males who have control over several resources to which they can cling to for satisfying their needs and those of their children. In consideration of this, social success is an attribute that indicates the offspring will have good physical and psychological health as well as wealth due to the resources at their disposal, provided by the male. Notably, it is not always that the material wealth is valued more but rather the social status of men, especially due to the benefits accrued by it. According to Geary et al. (2004), the desires are not always attained because of the competition provided by other female mates.

In addition to having cultural success, women want men with good personal and behavioral attributes. Geary et al. (2004) describe them, as the social successful individuals who are attractive to women in a way and possess particular attributes that make them un-moldable. Women desire some element of control over the men. In other words, the character should contain elements of kindness, intelligence and understanding among others. Emotional stability and family orientation indicators were rated higher than elements that depicted a male as a successful man in the cultural realm. This means women want physical protection as much as they want to develop intimacy and emotional satisfaction from the males.

Appearance features in the list of things that women wish either. As an accessory to that, a tag of health is stuck on those who have appearances that appeal to women. Some attributes transferability in appearance in terms of handsomeness and body profile are an appeal due to the attachment of equally good children who could be born due to mating. In Geary’s research, taller men, who have a symmetrical body and are athletic, have a particular appeal. Waist-to-hip ratios are concentrated at 0.9 among other facial features that include size of the eyes, cheekbone and smile area. Other choices, as part of other independent research findings, also derive relationship with other elements including the genes, which, in turn, affect aspects such as immunocompetence of individuals. This attribute has an effect on certain hormones including pheromones that women are sensitive to.

Although from the majority of ladies aim towards long-term relationships, research has also shown that they do engage in short-term relationships for various reasons. In the advent of these mating strategies, getting better genes for offsprings, receiving material wealth, partner poaching and extra-pair intimate relations are among the reasons attributed to the undertaking of short term relationships.

What Men Want in Relationships

On the contrary, men have an inclination to short-term relationships in order to indulge in their sexual attitudes as well as longing to fulfill sexual fantasies. The shear lack of parental commitments and financial welfare are the principal reasons why males engage in short term relationships. In their study Geary et al. (2004) depict a statistical approximation of the number of men prostitutes encounter annually at about 700. However, this estimation is not entirely reliable duo to the nature of men to avoid disclosure of such behavior.

In cases where the relationships are not short-term, the men’s main aim is to sire children as an investment. In these cases, such females’ features as intelligence, compatibility, kindness, cooperation, understanding, humor, friendliness and personality are rated astonishingly higher than even their physical appearances. Concern was rated in personality and behaviors as discussed and having extra-pair copulations as a very detrimental factor, but interestingly, it was inclined towards EPCs with other men more than with other women.

As a common factor, men and women value sexual attraction in the partners they seek. However, for some women this requirement is just a want to a certain extent, but not an obligatory need. However, for men attractiveness is an important addition to the profile of a potential partner. In essence, these aspects vary from the body mass index (BMI), waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) of about 0.7 and fertility is among the principal traits. In addition to this, facial and body symmetries have also been upheld by males. Notably, the most essential areas emerged as the WHR and the breast symmetry among the ladies. Research on the probable effects proved asymmetrical females had problems in either conception or they, in fact, had fewer children.

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Why Men and Women Want Different Things

Divergent views erupt in this area but, notably, it is not because some items are not included. This is due to the fact that the multiple factors may be placed in categories which are similar or boil down to the same matter. Some of these reasons include natural orientation, diverse views regarding a proper and best mate, various inclinations to some personal and behavioral attributes and the evolution that has taken place over the years. These issues are discussed below.

Genetic wiring puts ladies on the context of parenting. As such, more of their engagements with males will be oriented towards getting a mate that will be more supportive and inclined to satisfying their requirement in the process of delivering the natural order of things (Buss, 2002). The question concerning pertinent elements of this protection and what is best for the offspring remain debatable. Thus, issues regarding the looks, health and survival of their children become a long chapter in the mating handbook.

Despite concern for the forthcoming generation, women and men alike are rather choosy in terms of the strands that stitch the partner. Companionship, cooperation and physical characteristics are all in a similar convoy. Best mates are regarded in terms of physical characteristics in such a way that the females and males prefer certain symmetries as discussed in the previous sections. Need for intimacy and emotional grooving are some of the major characteristics from which finer attributes like understanding, intellect and kindness derive (Buss, 2002).

On the other hand, genetic wiring of males grants them with the siring role for which the need for several mates and the nature of avoiding requirement of too much resources is a derivative. That does not mean they do not thirst for long lasting relationships. This means that their mating characteristics and behavior towards mating may be inclined towards that. They too have a need for long-term partners and have an equally defined list of desires and requirements as have been mentioned above.

What the People in the Adverts are Looking for

Women are mostly looking for potential mates. Their adverts are full of pin pointers to love and attributes that are qualified as commitment values. For example, one of them stated that she wanted an old-fashioned kind of man who would take care of her. The age considerations are not very inclined to older men in particular but give room for younger adults within the range of 3-6 years in difference to theirs. On the upscale, a maximum noted value was about 15 years older than them. Interestingly, one of the three women was open to short-term dating apart from the other options of friendship and long-term dating that was chosen by the others.

On the male side, a resemblance between the advertisements was found. However, words used would elucidate that they have no desire to rush into the commitment phase. Although, the one who seems to be better off financially due to his proclaimed teaching profession, declared that he is open to anything be it friendship, pen pals, short-term dating all the way to long-terms relationship. The rest have their eye on the price but want to go slow. The tone and message is one inviting females for fun rather than mating, excluding one of them who seems quite serious on the matter of long-term relationships (koosksbrian). Refer to appendix for clarification.

Advertisements and Evolutionary Predictions

The predictions have clenched a big chunk of what is experienced in very many ways. However, the exact blueprint is not to be defined by the certain attributes particular people value. In the samples used, the mates, especially females, seem to have evolved. The evidence shows opt and give room not only for well-off senior men, but for younger males either. Based on the expression of the desire to have long-term partners, it is evident that other aspects of the elements have evolved too. More cultural values are upheld by the current generation (Buss, 2002). It will not be a surprise that age matters in regards to mate selection will wither off. Nonetheless, more research will be defining the nature of this claim infiltration. The desire for the male’s companionship and certain traits as well as the emphasis on love and commitment are evident among the females. As the articles suggest, males have little or no emphasis on commitment, but prefer starting slowly.

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