James J. Lorence was a teacher of American History at college level. His experiments to make student love American history are worth of appreciation. Lorence chose to illustrate the course topics by showing students some motion pictures related to the same. In this process, Lorence searched for some Cold War related movies and came across ‘Salt of the Earth’ (1953–1954), a movie blacklisted by House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) due to communist aspects added to it. However, in its long run this movie turned up to be a revolutionary approach, led by Mexican-American workers in terms of establishing human equality. It is based on Empire Zinc strike of 1950s led by International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers against New Jersey Zinc Corporation. The plot was represented by a small group of Mexican-American miners for being treated unfair. The most mind striking part is that even women joined the revolution. Role of Esperanza adds authentic grounds of equality to women in terms of social and strike related issues.

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‘Salt of the Earth’ motivated Lorence in such a way that he decided to make it free from political suppression. Thus, Lorence studied workers culture and union history of the Southwest. As author continued his researches over this topic, he discovered it relation with the approach of Unionism followed by his father and issues of economic exploitation of Mexican-Americans.

Lorence explores also the areas of New Mexico in order to attain content for his new book based on ‘Salt of the Earth’ movie. In a process, he got an opportunity to meet and interview Paul Jarrico, the Producer of ‘Salt of the Earth’, and was very impressed by his intellectuality. Eventually, Lorence came up with The Suppression of “Salt of the Earth” in the month of October, 1999.

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