In any organization or business that involves many people working together to achieve a common goal, all the employees do the own performance. Performance is either positive or negative, and one will mostly get a positive motivation for the positive performance and a negative motivation for the negative performance. All this motivations have a direct effect to both the person and/or the group of people and the organization, in the whole. An organization performance is made by the people working under it; and, hence, the organization is built up by its employees.

My worse motivational technique has arrived as a result of my poor performance at my workplace. Since my employer was angry, I received the punishment, and I got the restrictions to enjoy some of the organization’s recreational facilities and benefits. I was not happy with my employer’s reaction since my performance was not an intentional action, but just a slip of my normal performance. This punishment affected my personal life, and I had a bitter felling towards my employer and most of my colleagues. For some time, I kept thinking about my punishment, while the cursing people were around me. I kept away from most of my work mates, since I imagined myself as a failure, and later ended up spending more time drinking alone in the corner at my favorite bar. This, in the end, affected my health. Due to the punishment and my poor performance, I started viewing everything I was doing as the failure and nothing positive came from what I had been doing.

My organization also got affected from the punishment I had had. It was extremely hard to work with most of my colleagues since to many I was the underperformer and did not fit in their category. After having been restricted from the company’s facilities and benefits, my interaction with my other colleagues became hard as the time spent with them had been remarkably little and measured. I was as a black sheep of the organization, and my working conditions were extremely harsh, as I encountered numerous supervisions of my working area. Everything that I did at my workplace had been treated with a lot of attention as if judging my capability of working in the organization. I tried to work myself out of the situation, but in the end, I had introduced a non conducive working condition at my workplace. I had a bitter feeling towards all those who had been responsible for my punishment and even started to doubt the organization’s missions and visions. It was particularly hard to step out of the current situation and to stand on my feet once again. From my employer’s view, the punishment was meant for me to work harder and but this, on the contrary, only did more harm than to be more reasonable to me and the organization (Baldoni, 2005).

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My best motivational technique also came because of my over production and the high work ethics. I received the public recognition, and I got introduced to the prominent members of the organization. My picture was hanged at the organization as the best employee of the month. This motivated my morals, and I felt as a good performer indeed. By this positive motivation, I never wanted to fall back out of my achievements, and this made me work harder. I knew due to this and since this moment I would be considered as the first person for a promotion. I was able to bring my work mates together and motivate them too; and together we had an extremely healthy performance. This completion benefited the organization’s profits that were increasing, and the employees were all proud to be the part of the organization. With this motivation, I was able to influence on the poor performers in the organization and increase their production. The feeling of my self-belonging was related to every employee in the organization; this passed to the people and they became proud of their working places and the work they had been doing. My work mates and I were able to identify the key challenges that had affected my organization, and altogether we suggested the best possible solutions. I was able to place all the organization’s activities from the very heart and felt as a big portion of the organization. My work mates envied me, and this motivated them to work harder so as to be in the same status as I had been.

To my mind, the positive motivation has changed my life. I have gained the confidence to tackle all my problems and got determined in dealing with them. My ego has boosted, and I have become acutely positive minded in everything I come across. The happiness that I have got from my work place transferred to my home, which also boosted my family’s relationship. Everything around me seemed to be different but in the exceptional way I felt like I had been on the top of the world (Epstein & Rogers, 2001). The positive motivation was quite a lovely thing in my life and my organization too.

It is clear that the motivation will always have its impact whether positive or negative as earlier discussed. As for the positive motivational techniques, the positive results should be given. As for the negative motivational techniques, they should not be used in any working conditions, since they reduce the employee’s performance, and also affect the organization directly. Instead, the organization should seek the alternative methods to combat this poor performance and to work at it well to retain the right moral of the employees. The employees are the most crucial organ of any organization, and they should be dealt with the high caution not to affect the organization’s goals and results produced.

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