Negative messages can be very stressful to write and develop. However, these messages reduce stress for the persons involved and help to improve customer effectiveness. The message needs to be promising, respectful, polite and should offer hope and solutions to all the parties involved. This Negative message Email seeks to solve a problem amicably in order to improve customer effectiveness and reduce stress for all the persons involved.

Email reply

The purpose of this email is to respond to your correspondent on your request for a refund after purchasing a program that is not compatible with your computer’s memory. We regret that you experienced this problem. In order to keep our relationship with our customers in a good standing we always do our best to ensure service and product effectiveness. The problem you have experienced as our customer is undersatable and we have given your honest explanation a careful consideration. We thank you for checking, inquiring and cooperating with our corporation. We appreciate your sincerity and careful listing of all the relevant facts. We also acknowledge and appreciate that your past record with us is very good and you are one f our best customers. Additionally, we appreciate your understanding and step to seek advice from our customer support service. It therefore our sincere desire to cooperate with you and help you out in the best way possible. The good news is that we are working long hours to consider your request and very soon we will be able to solve this problem. The other good news is that we have in stock Album express software’s that can fit into your 16MB computer and run effectively. However, there is a change or variation on the price but only at a minimum range. Please note that we understand and sincerely sympathize with your problem. This is because we like our customers happy and contented with our products.

In this case, we regret that we are not able to refund your money on the software you ordered from Swiss company Fookes Software. This is because a refund on the same is against our company refund policy. If we chose to go against our company policy, we will leave a gap and encourage a precedent which is harmful to our company. Please realise that as much as we provide our customers with efficient and prompt services, we also need policies to draw lines and ensure that all parties involved are satisfied and happy. Among the advantaged of having or including a refund policy is to protect our company from scam, fraud and mismanagement. This does not mean that we do not believe your sincerity but it simply means that it helps our company to operate independently. In this way, we are able to assist you better and offer the best services and effective products currently and in the future as well.

Analysis and explanation of the problem

Kindly note and realise that this problem cannot be handled exactly how you want it to be handled. This is because our company Refund policy clearly states’’ All of Forkes software’s products can be evaluated, free of charge, through a trial mode or separate trial version that can be downloaded directly from our website.Use the trial before you purchase to ensure that the full product will be compatible with your computer system and satisfy your requirements. If you do not, you accept that the product may not meet your needs and that this will justify a refund or change back. If you experience an issue with our software, then please contact our customer support service for help in solving the problem. All sales are final and refunds are provided only for accidental duplicate orders. Refunds will only be made to the credit card or PayPal account through which the original purchase was made. An administration fee may apply in such cases to cover process costs and third party commissions. Ordering a software license signifies your acceptance of this Refund policy’’

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We would kindly like to draw your attention to the underlined part of our company’s policy which clearly advices all our customers to ensure that the product would be compatible with their computer system and satisfy their requirements before making the purchase. The company’s refund policy also states that by ordering the software license, it meant that you had accepted this refund policy. In this case, please realise our dilemma. This is because you did not try the software before the purchase. Kindly realise that according to our company policy, we can only give a refund when there has been an accidental duplicate order. However, our customer support service will help you in every way possible. Kindly note that we cannot give you a refund or chargeback but our company will reach a resolution and come up with a solution for your problem.

In this case, we suggest and propose a compromise or an alternative course of action. We request that you try an alternative Album Express that is compatible with a 16 MB memory computer. If this software is compatible with your computer, we will allow you to purchase it at a discounted price and a longer trial period. We emphasize that a refund is not possible since it is against our company refund policy. Please consider our suggestion and proposal.

Our company wishes to express our continued interest to serve you in the best way possible.  We are sorry that your request was not met in totality. However, if you agree to our proposal, you will not be disappointed with the discount you will be given on the purchase of the software. We hope that you understand that this is not simply about the money you requested to be refunded but it is a reflection of our company’s policy, competence and effort. Our customer support service is open for any changes in strategies of the above proposal or suggestion. Finally, as Swiss company Fookes Software, we appreciate your effort and time you put in purchasing our products and software and trying to find a solution to this problem. We trust that our decision is satisfactory and please let us know if you have any further problem. As Swiss company Fookes Software we will do our best to stay on top of our jobs and ensure effective services and products to our customers. This will ensure that our company and our customers will reach our future goals. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon and to your acceptance to the proposal, offer and suggestion that we have made. Thank you


A negative message Email is a positive way to answer valuable question raised by concerned persons such as customers and service facilitators. This is not only an effective way to communicate to customers but also a very fast way. In this case, the customer gets the reply on the issues raised fast. A Negative message Email helps to directly address the customers concern and is a way through which solutions can be reached amicably. Polite Negative message Emails help to emphasize, explain, evaluate and understand the company’s stand. It also helps to enhance the relationship between the customers and the company. It is a reflection of the company’s customer support service

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