Nike Inc. was founded in United States in the year 1962 referred to as Blue Ribbon Sports back then. The sale of shoes in Nike Inc, particularly the basketball shoes, is on the current scenes picking up after declines. The demand caters for the increasing number of places of work that are adopting an overall casual wear. The current focus on the domestic industry is on shoes that are comfortable and casual. Nonetheless, the sale of athletic footwear especially basketball shoes, are recovering at a rate of 35% being the total for purchases of footwear. The overall rate for purchase of athletic shoes totalled up to $8.7 billion ten years ago from 8.5% the year before. The purpose of advertising by a firm is to incarcerate the consumers’ attention and persuade them by creating a desire for the product. Not all people require these shoes, but the way Nike Inc. advertises them will ensure that they purchase their products in lieu of similar ones from other firms. Nike has a great advertising strategy, which is done on twitter, face book, by use of celebrities and other forms of the 21st century media. The brand image it creates is strong, and there is product differentiation. Nike has an updated website which updates itself timely in accordance with customer preferences. Nike advertises products in all the states that it conducts its sales by use of a glocalized approach which does not limit its finances. Nike’s business model and its approach toward the process of manufacturing shoes geographically have restored a remarkable brand image on the firm which has promoted a multinational enterprise. It has a distinctive, advertising slogan and logo which ensures that it makes huge investments. The slogan “Just do it” promotes the firm’s image by giving its consumers humour and passion for the product. Conclusively, with these three issues in mind, Nike has become more profitable in the shoe industry as compared to its competitors such as Adidas, Converse and Reebok. The poor marketing skills in Reebok’s advertising outlines its shortcoming in an area that Nike works remarkably. When other shoe companies shower their airwaves with commercials, to push for their brands, they end up losing more consumers than gaining them. Hence, Nike’s effective strategies and business model of conducting its international trade explains more on the research methodology to be used in this paper.

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