The tasks carried out at Serra as an attached engineer involved the handling of a client’s salt production process and upgrading it to produce better quality salt products. This had been as a result of the client’s firm having weathered heavily reduced revenue due to the lowered quality of their products. The solution to this problem involved strategizing and researching on the production process in use at the firm and coming up with a design and process to solve the problem. This called for team work and better communication procedures to be laid out in handling the challenge. The end results of the research done, design of the upgraded production process culminated also in the production and publication of new operational and site manuals to be used at the firm.

The engineering knowledge and skills learnt came in handy at the solution crafting procedure. This effectively gave more knowledge and experience by reinforcing the engineering knowledge and helping build better team working skills.

The upgraded system would now help improve the client’s products. This was also partly achieved by the analysis done on the client’s product and coming up with optimum solutions that would best solve the client’s product pitfalls. The coordination done by the research team in tune with the company’s laboratory came out as one of the major successes of the upgrading procedure.

The skills learnt at Serra can be summarized as; problem diagnosis, skills in research, reading and analysis of maps on civil work, proper use of chemical equipment and apparatus and critical decision making skills. The manuals published as part of the upgrade system of the plant are critical in ensuring that the workers at the firm understand the upgraded system.

The contribution thus done to the company in the full plan of upgrading the plant was invaluable. 

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