Market research and analysis show that the proposed hotel in State College stands a chance of being the cradle of hospitality in State College. Weeks of field studies gathering information around, we at Starwood need to capitalize on the opportunity and void left by our competitors, Carnegie Inn & Spa, Atherton Hotels and Fairfield Inn & Suites. Our combined efforts with my counterpart Market research Assistant, Andrew Lincoln, with who apart from the field work collaborated to do put up a focus group and surveys. The findings from the focus groups and surveys have made it apparent and clear that   there is a customer service and a demand-supply gap that needed to be met. The findings also identified the need to offer hospitality that aligned with the style, tastes and preference and trends of the clients. Also, it is vital for us to use the social media as a tool to communicate and engage our target audience who in this case are the clients, who connects entirely on social media.

I noted down some of the success factors of Carnegie Inn & Spa, Atherton Hotels, and Fairfield Inn & Suites.  The major success factor of Carnegie Inn & Spa can be attributed to the fact that, it is situated in the woods. The woods provide a balanced ambience and a breathtaking environment for most clientele who find it as better destination to unwind away from the fast-paced life of the city. Another success factor is   the well-nurtured golf course which for golf lovers is the perfect haven to quench their craze.

The rooms and suites are well-decorated and their hearth cast a glow on old wood and brass when burned. The well- lit rooms and suites also earn Carnegie Inn & Spa a bonus. We at Starwood are able to surpass the expectations of our clients, if we identify our competitor’s strengths and identify their weak points. In this case, Carnegie Inn & Spa’s lines of weakness include meeting the demand gap. The twenty one rooms are not enough to meet the demand, more so, during the peak season, making this an opportunity for us to capitalize on. Carnegie also struggles with meeting client’s expectations; most of the clients are entirely satisfied and this can be pointed out to how the staffs are being treated. The staffs are not happy with their remuneration packages, as they are paid almost way low as per the industry remuneration requirements.

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Atherton Hotels prides itself with classy antiques and exquisite, state-of-the-art conference rooms. They also provide facilities and ambience suited entirely for weddings. The health club is robust with health and wellness professionals ready to meet your health needs. Atherton Hotel also has two courses; Blue and White, which are vast with eighteen holes each. It also has parks which are suited for nature lovers who prefers and enjoying road biking. The Roth rock Forest is a breathtaking walk to nature at its natural form. The downside of Atherton Hotel is its slightly priced above other players, even though their services are excellent and out of this world. Starwood has to provide services of superior quality and our price has always been reasonable yet affordable. We at Starwood takes pride in providing unmatched services and our staff of highly trained and qualified personnel makes our brand soar high. In my own opinion, if we move on with this project given Starwood as a brand, coupled by aggressive marketing, we will be able to conquer the market, as our experience and years of excellence gives us the edge and the upper hand in hospitality. State college needs a modern hospitality customized for every unique client, and that’s where Starwood comes in to bridge the gap and offer top notch hospitality. Fairfield Inn & Suites AAA membership is the most cost-friendly package in the industry. Fairfield Inn & Suites has a package called Marriot Senior Discount which offers 15 per cent to senior citizens from 62 years and above at over 2000 Marriot hotels. The discount caters for room rates. The hotel has other wide range of special rates and a promotion package for everyone, ranging from and caters for the senior citizens, government employees, military personnel and corporate employees. These packages are attractive to any visitor or anyone planning to take a holiday in Fairfield Inn & Suites. However, we will beat them hands down if we adopt the same products and through our reasonable pricing. The major line of weakness of the Fairfield Inn & Suites comes in when traffic jam on their website whenever demand outstrips its server’s ability to handle traffic surge.

After wide assessment of the feasibility study, the findings strongly support the building of a hotel and the findings gave the indication that a hotel in State College, PA is without a shadow of doubt feasible. My recommendation is that we need to spread our tentacles in State College and utilize on our competitors shortcoming so as to get an edge. We must as well accept the fact the aforementioned hotels are not a small feat to conquer and through strategic planning and a new paradigm we can break new ground and dominate the market. Through my research I have calculatedly concluded that Starwood with its years of excellence, unmatched service and undying spirit for perfection as emboldened in our culture will push through this and emerge as one of the household names in State College, PA. These staggering findings are evidence that Starwood needs to take advantage of the window of opportunity before us and to bring excellence in the hospitality industry.

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