Lean can be defined as a production practice that puts into consideration the expenditure for any goal preventing wastage of customer’s value thus a target for elimination. Lean manufacturing is a deviation from efficiency theme that is based on optimizing flow. Lean tools decreases waste, increase efficiency and use empirical methods in solving the problems. Anything that does not add value to products and services according to the customer’s perspective is called waste.

Comarch is an ERP provider based in Poland that provides services in different fields such as telecommunication, banking, finance and public administration. It offers services that include ERP systems, IT security, management and outsourcing, CRM, electronic communication, etc. It is a publicly held corporation that is listed on the main market and in the Warsaw Stock exchange.

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Comarch offers lean tools that are designed to eliminate waste effectively. One of the tools is called ‘standardized work’, which consists of documented procedures for manufacturing that makes use of best practice including the time used to complete each task. This tool assists in eliminating waste through application of best practice consistently as well as forming a baseline for future improvement tasks.

Value stream mapping is another lean tool offered by Comarch. It is a tool used to map the flow of production visually and shows current as well as future state of processes in a manner addressing opportunities for improvement. It assists in exposing waste in current processes and provides a road-map for improvement to realize the future state.

Another lean tool provided by Comarch is ‘just-in-time’ (JIT), which enhances production based on customer demand instead of enhancing production based on projected demands. This tool relies on many other lean tools such as continuous flow, standardized work, etc. It is highly effective in inventory level reduction, improvement of cash flow and reduction of space requirement.

Generally, all the lean tools offered by Comarch help in eliminating waste and making production process of companies effective.

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