Should child discipline be adopted as the primary option in curbing exposure of children to polluting video games.

Technological outburst that has revolutionized video games has brought with it some unwanted effects. Day by day children are being exposed to video games which are not meant for persons of their age. In this way, children’s minds are exposed to violence and forms of sexual encounters which are dangerous for them. Despite the introduction of parental control into the software, the inability to verify user information has given a loophole for manipulation and thus only providing a short term solution. In that case, there needs to be a primary method of combating exposure as parent have eluded there responsibility in keeping children away from this and opted to rely on unscrupulous IT geniuses on a total under estimation of children’s abilities.

Parents should enforce discipline as a primary method of preventing exposure to bad video games as opposed to parental control methods in the software.

Both authors are renowned educators with experience in very many researches. Published in a reputable Journal, the research has a description of the characteristics of the different types of video games as well as the effect that they have on the end user. Arguably, the provision of detailed definitions is of crucial importance in the development of objective research which will use appropriate knowledge to specify the expectations from the different types of games in the market. The link established between violence and video games gives a good rationale for my research.

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Leisure studied, which is reliable for insights into the various hobbies that we engage in captures Deborah’s article. As opposed to over reliance in software installed controlled measures, the research looks into the impact of playing games with the children in the limitation of exposure to bad or hence unwanted games. The family oriented game playing gives a form of unforceful discipline that can be engraved in the young children such that they would not go out of the scope of the requirements of the family in the video game realm. As the advantages of this kind of interaction is outlined in the article, discipline borrows a lot and poses the ability to overcome the current wave of impunity that is leading young minds in the wrong way.

Behaviour comes in handy in the study of impact of particular items on children. The authors look at behavioural elements that are relevant to the educational realm. Cognitive effects of gaming and its role in motivation are some of the elements considered in relevance to other factors including time of exposure. Pros and cons of video games are vividly and clearly derived from literature and research findings in this article to give perspective such that they are related to some common factors in an unbiased manner.

Principal researcher and accredited developer of virtual environments, Schank brings the parties in the fiasco into play giving what they consider and value in the creation of games and their expectations. Notably, the research shows the possible creation of skills in the name of fun, which will eventually come out in professional allocation in future. In a different consideration of the impacts of video games, the intended research will show that the intent of the research is not to abolish video games but to fuel and encourage constructive use of video games for the future generations.

The members consisting of learned personas, engaged in a bitter-sweet kind of research dwelling on both sides of the video gaming. The interplay of the variables in the research is an important contributor to this topic. By providing psychological explanations of some sort, the same psychology that is used in discipline and behavioural correction is applied and used to strengthen the argument of the research to get to know the strength of the thesis.

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