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 The Sunshine Ski Resort

June 4, 2012, 6:00 a.m.

Kids Ski Free day, Camp Snowy Days


  • Camp Snowy Days is open to kids from age six to age 13.
  • It operates seven days a week from noon to 5 p.m.
  • Parents can drop off their kids and then go skiing, shopping or just hang out in the bar and drink. A lot of resorts have programs like this.
  • During the afternoon, the kids are taken for a supervised ski lesson then do some skiing on a beginner slope.
  • Then they have a snack and hot chocolate in the lodge. They also get to watch movies and play games in the resort game room. They are supervised at all times.
  • The director of the resort says that the reason they are starting the program is to help kids have an enjoyable time, engage in healthy outdoor activities, learn to ski and be supervised while their parents are skiing or relaxing.
  • The supervision will enhance safe discovery of sport or enjoyment of sport with minimum fear.
  • The kids socialize with other children, who make them learn quickly, assemble confidence and find irresistible the sport.
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Sunshine Ski Resort theme, “Respect, fun and safety, it is all about balance”.


Testimony (, Clearwater Academy

  • Trail map ( 

About The Sunshine Ski Resort

•The Sunshine Ski Resort is located high in the mountains of Vermont near the town of Big Mountain in Banff the National Park in Alberta, Canada. It has been in existence since 1913, started by Bill Peyto, who was a former tour guide. Bill was with exceptional skills required maneuver the harsh veracity of nature. Thus, for that reason and the natural dynamics within the resort, it is associated with adventure to the uttermost (sunshine). By  means of a vehicle  the resort is just one hour and a half drive from the city of Calgary.

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