Dear Ms. Venus and Serena Williams,

On behalf of the Super Mario Fund fraternity, I take this opportunity to pass my sincere gratitude for the $1.2 million you donated to this organization. Your donation not only show your love for Tennis as a sport, but also to the millions of American children who would love to pursue a career in Tennis but they do not have the means and capability. I want to assure you that every single penny of your donation will be used to enhance Tennis House at Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The surplus will be used to hire an additional staff, who will conduct tennis classes as well as perform other activities within the site.

The old tennis house was built back in 1910, and thereafter restored in 1978 to become the headquarters of the Brooklyn Center for the Urban Environment. Since then, nothing significant has been done to change the outlook or even uplift the conditions of the facilities within the premises. Apart from constructing 10 additional tennis courts, we intend to transform the Tennis House into a club house. It is my belief that the new Tennis House will not only provide improved tennis programs and services to the young and aspiring tennis players but also bring an old recollection to elders.   

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For many years, I have always wanted to transform this facility into something unique and good for the children. Having grown up in Brooklyn and learning to play tennis on courts similar to the one we have, I understand what the impending upgrade means to the children. Although the upgrade will transform the facility into a modern one, I intend to keep to the traditions and culture that define tennis within this neighborhood.

Once again, thank you very much for your donation to this foundation. Your continued support is highly appreciated because it has transformed this foundation into a modern and appealing facility. I promise to keep you updated on the Williams plan and other projects through our monthly emails and newsletters.

Yours Sincerely,


Mario Segale. 

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