When referring to the working poor, Ehrenreich (2008) says that these are the main philanthropists that the society has. The people whom she goes a head to say would rather be called as the anonymous donors and nameless benefactors to actually everyone in the society. In hr own words, Ehrenreich (2008) states that these are the people who leave their children alone to go care for the rich people’s children, they go a head to live in substandard houses so as to make other homes shinny while they maintain privatization so as to create low inflation while stock prices rise high. As a matter of fact, these are simply people who give it all to the society at their own expense. Ehrenreich (2008) makes it very clear that the working poor in the society are the workers who are low waged.

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In my own terms, the working poor are those people and families in the society who are capable of maintaining their employment in regular terms but on the other hand remain languishing in poverty. This is as a result of the low wages that these people are subjected to and the continuous expenses that keep on pressurizing them. By all means, ‘working poor’ is an oxymoron due to the basic fact that the two words are contradictory. The fact that an individual is working should be logical that he or she is reaping benefits to make him richer. Poverty is brought about by unemployment hence employment should eradicate it. It is amazing though that people can be working but are paid very low wages so as not to live by their name as the working people. They remain poor as though they are unemployed.

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