While management is a job, leadership is a talent. Effective managers provide leadership to their respective organizations to ensure it has optimum productivity. The leadership style employed by the management of any organization determines whether it succeeds or failure to meet its business objectives. The main role of the manager is to ensure that the employees are highly motivated while undertaking their tasks. Level 5 leaders use the total quality management philosophy, which attempts to ensure that the customers’ needs are continuously met through continuous improvement of the company’s products.

However, what is unique among all the level 5 leaders is the fact that they avoid publicity as much as possible and give credit (sometimes undue) to external factors—sometimes even luck. However, the same leaders hold themselves accountable for the failure of the company and do not blame external factors, but the feature is common in other leadership models. Failure to take credit makes level 5 leaders be unique from other leaders. In addition, the humility of these leaders highly ensures that they do not attract attention.

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The servant leadership of level 5 leaders is evidenced by the fact that they ensure that they attempt to leave the company in capable hands before vacating their offices. This differs from other leadership models where the company executives take all the credit for the organization’s success, which makes the company to be synonymous with them. This makes the company face imminent collapse upon their vacation of office.

The ability of level 5 leaders to make tough decisions make them outstanding as compared to other leadership models. Besides, the resolve of these leaders to achieve certain results is also uncommon in traditional leadership. Level 5 leaders would go to considerable lengths just to ensure that their strategy works and leave no room for error. They usually do not dwell on their “fallback plan.”

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