As an attorney, I think you are aware of the repercussions of possession of Marijuana. Marijuana is an illegal drug in most parts of the globe due to its severe negative impacts. Women Rise Up serves as an empowerment organization aimed for the personal wellness of women as well as making change in the society (Lussier Community Education Center, 2012). With this in mind, the laws of marijuana possession work to discourage this drug’s possession. This is to make the lives of these women better by making them different people through serving terms, which help them keep off consequential drugs. Marijuana hinders efficient parenting.

The issue of lessening this crime is likely to raise a lot of suspicion on the interest of the organization from moral representatives in the society like priests. This is on regard to the overall goal of aiding the incarcerated mothers. Therefore, for this reason particularly I chose not to mention the project in the recent fundraiser campaign. I would like you as a public attorney to take into consideration the lives of the children of these mothers found in possession of the drug. To accept wholly your project, I at least, urge you to come up with other ways of helping the marijuana incarcerated mothers other than lessening of the impact of this crime. This is like initiating organizational counseling sessions to warn against the dangers of marijuana to reduce the overall number of the mothers found in possession of this drug.

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Solutions to the Resistance Problem

As the executive director of Women Rise Up, I would like to address the issue about the grant sponsored project. The project is on a good initiative of providing legal rights information and also advocating for imprisoned mothers. I understand that the kind of information being provided is with concern to their parental rights, restraining them from violent partners and also on matters regarding to separation and divorce. In my perspective, this is on a great motive. However, I am hesitant about sponsoring of the marijuana bill to lessen the crime of marijuana possession so as to decrease the number of incarcerated women.

I hope you will consider my views so as to eliminate any resistance on your project and for the overall well being of women in the society.

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