Many countries define rape as forcefully having sexual intercourse with a person. Rapist is the name given to an individual who commits the act. Many people do not report cases of rape, because of the fear of shame. Rape cases are investigated by the police after reporting. They gather evidence which includes seamen, blood stains cloths and other types of physical evidence. In South Africa the research shows that there many rape cases reported each year. The common rape in South Africa is of children between the age of two to twelve. Research shows that in South Africa, 40 percent of the rape victims do not report the cases to the police. Individuals have different perception on the issue of rape. Some considers it has discipline while other perceives it has evil action (John, 25).


Causes of Rape in South Africa

Research shows that many of the victims in South Africa are raped by their relatives or their best friends. This shows that the main cause of rape in South Africa is revenge. Many of your girls yearly get raped by their former boyfriends (Fred, 45). This shows that, after breaking a relationship, the hearted party seems to find ways to heart her friend. Mostly, a rapist commits the act during the prime time, and this shows that the time of the day influences the commission of rape. The research carried out in South Africa shows that a rapist considers the relationship with the victim, time, place, and social status of the victim. Most of individuals have psychological problems, and they commit rape without their consent (Smith, 50).

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The rape victims live in psychological trauma. Some of the victims in South Africa do not get married, because they form negative attitude towards men. Victims of rape get affected sociologically. Sometimes the victims of rape die, because most of rape cases get accompanied by a violent action. The action leads to financial problems because some victims get hospitalized and spent a lot of money in hospital. They remain with no money for their daily need, and this leads to poverty (Dodson, 35).


The studies on rape in South Africa have different causes and effects, which can occur as a result of other actions. Many rape cases get accompanied by the commission of other crimes like robbery, and this shows that the rapists are born criminals but not suffering from a psychological disorder. This research should review things like crimes accompanied by a rape case and the communities which have high rates of rape (John, 40).


There are many rape cases committed in South Africa in urban areas than in rural areas. This shows that civilized people commit rape. South Africa should establish a body to deal with prevention of rape. The inhabitants of South Africa should protect each other to avoid the commission of rape. The state should improve security measures to deter all criminals intending to commit rape. The neighboring countries should improve security and protect their territory to avoid the criminals from extending their action to their countries. 

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