America has always been known as the land of milk and honey and people from all over the world have been trying all means to land into this beautiful country. Immigrants have stormed America through the use of crude methods once they realize that they cannot get in the country the legal way. These means include sneaking into the country by boats at night, crawling through the border points to mention but a few. In the end it is obvious that many people think that the grass is greener in the United States of America. This is one reason why we have so many aliens in our country; some are legally here while the majorities are illegal immigrants.

A week ago there was a story about how the state of Maryland wants to provide illegal immigrants with in-state tuition discounts. The governor, Martin O'Malley plans to sign the bill into law once it makes it through the House. The bill states that any illegal immigrant that lives and works within the state for at least three years qualifies for lowered tuition at state colleges and universities. Reasoning behind this bill is that it is supposed to assist children who only moved to Maryland on their parents' wishes and not their own will. This is a new bill and no other state has implemented such a bill.

This is an important bill since it affects not only the people in that state but also has an effect on the whole country and on a global scale. America is a world super power and what we do here is instrumental in being a reference in other countries. Considering that it will cost an estimated US$800,000 next year which will rise to

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US$3.5 million by 2016, it raises questions on how we rate our priorities considering that the state already has a major budget deficit. It is also ironical that the state employees who work for the Maryland State University system have all along suffered wage freezes and furloughs for years that were caused by the state's failure to control the budget deficit. As much as the immigrants will have worked within the state for three years before qualifying for the cuts, the money they will have paid as taxes cannot come close to the overall cost to be covered.

It is also a shame that we are the loudest to voice our displeasure to the never ending immigration of people illegally into foreign countries yet a state like Maryland can go ahead and actually even consider assisting the illegal immigrants study at the expense of the real citizens of America. It is unconceivable how such legislation can even get to the House for debate leave alone the governor signing it into law. This only shows that the state and the country is ready and willing to participate in the crime of harboring and entertaining illegal immigrants. This is a crime worldwide.

In the short term there will be state wide protests against the bill since it is mostly unfavorable with most citizens. The number of illegal immigrants will also rise bringing with them an increase in crime rates. In the long run, the program will turn out to be a disaster for the state once the money to sustain it becomes unavailable and thus puts the state deeper into budget deficit. The whole world too will condemn the state for encouraging illegal immigration.

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