California Legislature consists of the Senate and the Assembly. The Assembly comprises 80 members and the Senate has 40 Senators. It's entirely the mandate of the Assembly and Senate to prepare bills and enact laws. The Legislature process begins when a member of one of the houses drafts a bill through the Legislature Counsel and then introduces it in the respective house.

The introduction of the bill is usually the first reading on the floor of the house. The bill number name and author and explanatory title is read on the floor of the house, then sent for printing at the State Printing and can only be acted upon after 30 days from that first reading. It then passes to the Rules Committee of the respective house of the author and here it is assigned to the related policy committee for evaluation. If the bill requires funding it is also sent to the fiscal committee for deliberation.

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At the committees' deliberation/hearings, the author presents the bill and testimony supporting or against can be heard. The committee votes by passing the bill (or passing as amended) or defeating the bill, this requires a majority vote of the full committee membership. The committee hearings analyses the bill with the existing law, lay down its function and other background information before presenting it back to the house for a second reading.

Following the committees passing the bill it is read a second time on the floor of the house where it originated, its analyzed and a third reading is made. During the third reading the bill is explained deeply by the author, discussed by the house and voted. In case the bill is defeated the member may appeal for reconsideration and vote.  As soon as it passes this house it proceeds to the next house and the whole process is repeated. On passing the second house and approved by both houses it goes to the governor for approval, however, if the second house amends any part, the first house is notified to come to a consensus. The governor may sign it into law, allow without signing or veto it.

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