The government has instituted labor laws that govern maximum hours that employees will have to work for and the minimum wages to be received. This has been done for the purposes of ensuring fairness and minimizing on exploitation of employers to their employees. It is required that they comply with such rules to facilitate good work ethos. Labor laws have been set to govern different forms of jobs in the market; this has to do with the skills required as well as the output of the employees.

Apart from the fact that employees have to agree to the terms of their employment before accepting a certain deal, a deal may only be considered fair under legal terms if they are in accordance with the labor laws (Sandqvist). This means that an applicant may sure their prospective employers if they find them to violate certain labor laws. For instance, if an applicant will be required to work for more hours, yet they are not being paid extra, it is considered illegal.

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The law may only relax on the issue of minimum wages if the employee works for lesser hours than the law requires it. For instance, if minimum working hours have been set at 8 hrs a day for a wage of 5 dollars a day, then an employee who agrees to work for 5 hours a day for a compensation of three dollars will be considered to be fair. The rule is hence only applicable when for instance an employee is required to work for ten hours a day yet he or she only receives 5 dollars (Sandqvist).

This is considered an overwork that the employee should pay extra as per the agreement. Most of the wage employees are however not informed of such laws that generally make them to be exploited. Some of them may also be threatened if they complain of the same. It is hence necessary to implement the laws as well as sensitize the communities to enhance justice for all.

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