International law refers to the set of controls that that are legally binding for sovereign nations and it defines how the nations relate with each other and how they collectively respond to matters concerning the nations bound by the law. The law is sub-divided into three major categories namely public international law, private international law and supranational law. There are no clear-cut outlines for these laws due to the dynamism in the different states that the laws serve.

The public international law is of much interest as it represents the section of the law that deals with large groups such as the countries and or the large intergovernmental groups which have turned out to be the major sources of differences between the countries. It is therefore important to study the public international law so as to identify the loopholes in the law as this will be helpful in harmonizing the international differences.  These are differences in treaties, custom and the principles of the different nations which are the main sources for standardization of the public international

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Initially I thought about it as a law that only focuses on prosecuting those who violate other nations' rights but with the help of this study I have come to understand that the law is also protective and also seeks to harmonize nations on an international scale. It is for this reason that I want to study the public international law so that upon identification of the differences in the nations' customs and principles, I can help in formulation of fair public international law which has the interests of the different signatories represented. More often than not, the powerful nations are able to push for their customs and principles to be protected more than the developing countries. With the help of the knowledge gained in this course, it will be easier to help air the importance of public international law being representative of all nations.

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