Unauthorized Police Searches Problem

Unauthorized police searches are those that are done by the police without any following the legal grounds. For a search to be legal it must have a warrant and without this warrant, the search is considered illegal and violating some of the human rights. People are supposed to be protected by the law are all their rights granted to them.

Why Should Police Wear Body Cameras?

There are certain searches that people get involved in by the police officers that are not according to the law. These searches may have a negative impact on human life as there are those who police officers who can take an advantage over these searches with a wrong intention or motive. One of the bad motives that a police officer may have is that related to theft.

Many police officers or investigation officers, tend to violate some rights of mere men or people through the use of their power. This is termed as an abuse of power. There are certain places that are considered private and only a warrant can allow a police officer or a criminal investigation officer to access these places.

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People at times need some privacy when it comes to certain places of search. These places are mainly homes and vehicles. These places are considered to be private as people are have various ways of conducting their lives and exposure to these information through illegal searches, can make one to feel as if he or she does not have freedom.

Argumentative Essay Conclusion Example

When these kinds of searches are done away with and all human rights taken into consideration, then the world can be such a good place to live in. The only way in which this kind of issue can be curbed is by implementing strict laws or policies that govern this right and proper punishment taken to those police officers who break this law. This implementation of law can contribute a lot in safeguarding even other human rights that may be broken by the police such as torture.

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