This article is from Agence France-Presse which is a highly rated professional news agency. "Women march for better life on International Women's Day" is essentially an article about women in Paris who went on the street to make a stand for women's rights. Although the author's writing style is confusing and does not have sufficient explanation, the article has a clear argument due to its use of strong, focused examples.

The article reports that women worldwide are fighting for women's rights and equality. The author demonstrates that this issue deserves consideration by using many illustrations from different countries. The women of Paris come together in making a stand against honour killings. In some African countries women endeavour to procure fairness in opportunities for schooling and improving their lives. The author goes on to point out that a governor in Rome accused of having sexual intercourse with an underage woman, which arouses popular indignation. Irene D'Onfronio a 62 year old protestor asserted that in Italy women are forced to have sexual relations with powerful people in order to get parliamentary seats (Agence France-Presse, 2011)

In addition, the article argues that the United States government encourages Arab countries to enforce equality between men and women with the purpose of developing democracy. Clinton asserts that in coming years women in Tunisia, Egypt and other nations possess the right to reform the governments of their countries in order to make these governments more accountable, responsive and transparent (Agence France-Presse, 2011).. However, in portions of Arabic countries women are still struggling with this issue. Following this, the author notes that women in parts of African countries are marching on the streets because of number of innocent women sacrificed from honour killings.

They strongly demand that the president step down. Furthermore, the article shows that the Israeli occupation is creating a negative influence on Palestinian women and as such they are protesting for the Israeli occupation to end, Fadwa Khader an activist acknowledges that the Israeli occupation is to some extent to blame for the deterioration of women's rights (Agence France-Presse, 2011). The author believes that the essential aspect of a better world is to educate women. US vice president Joe Biden says that the singular most momentous action that can be taken in the 21st century in order to improve peace and security prospects is the education of women (Agence France-Presse, 2011). Moreover, Afghanistan has put in effort on women's rights issues and women can now find employment, pursue public office, and go to school.


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This article can be confusing for readers because of the writing style. The author uses many examples from different countries without enough explanation and proper transitions. Furthermore, it seems hard to catch the author's main idea in the article. However, some of the paragraphs are not connected and the conclusion is undefined. Specifically, the author applies country names in the beginning of the paragraphs, such as, "Paris", "In Turkey" and "In Peru" (Agence France-Presse, 2011). Paragraphs do not have any personal opinions or explanations, but are basically built up with different countries' news that deals with women's rights. Therefore, the article can make readers feel that they are reading clusters of news from different countries dealing with women's rights; it is no difference to just Google "women's rights" and read through the sources.

Finally, at the beginning of the article the author talks about women fighting for equality between men and women, for example, "hundreds of Egyptian women rallying for their rights on Women's Day were confronted by men who shouted at them to return home" (Agence France-Presse, 2011), and unexpectedly jumps to how several countries are improving on the women's right issue (Agence France-Presse, 2011). This can misguide readers on the main point of the article. The author tends to only focus on giving useful information and supportive evidence in the article. Thus, it is fair to say that readers can be confused by reading this article without enough explanation.

This article undoubtedly uses powerful examples to sustain the main idea. This article collects the information from many different countries and unbelievable statistics to attract and retain the reader's attention. The use of sources from different countries makes readers understand that women's right is a global issue. The author does not just focus on specific areas which shows that the author does plenty of research. In other words, it is obvious that by reading this article with a full page of quotes means that this article has high credibility. Therefore, the author successfully applies evidence in the article which can be helpful for readers to get the main idea efficiently.

The statistics in the article are another impressive way the author is using to strengthen the article and persuade readers that women's rights is a serious issue that everyone should concentrate on. Particularly, when the author talks about the situation in Peru, "at least 123 women were killed in 2010 by their partners or former partners" (Agence France-Presse, 2011). Those shocking numbers especially the number dealing with human lives can simply keep the reader interested in finding out the circumstances in the article. Thus, the author is using an appropriate and commendable method of research on women's rights.

In conclusion, this article is generally excellent even though it is short on description. I would like to recommend this article for everyone to help the countries struggling with women's rights issue.

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