Hamlet added around six to sixteen lines in the play "player king" which were previously lacking in the play Hamlet. Immediately the players arrived at Elsinore, Hamlet said he wanted to add a dozen or sixteen lines to a play "the murder of Gonzago" which was already known by the players. The play "the murder of Gonzago" was written in sestets. The king spoke in six lines then the queen spoke in six lines and there was a spacer line before the king spoke the second time. In the play "player king", there is a change in the way Hamlet wrote. The king and the queen spoke in eight lines each that make sixteen lines, William S, 2001 pp 52.  


There are 12-16 lines that Hamlet added into the play "player king" that were not there in the play "the murder of Gonzago". The play "player king" is about a killing committed by Gonzago in the duke's name together with his wife in Baptista. One of the lines added here is the line that says that you will see soon enough. Another line added is the one that says that it is a piece of garbage, but who cares? More so, the line we can watch without being bothered has also been added in the new play.

In this play, there is change between the way the king speaks and the way the queen speaks too. Hamlet's line marks the change between the play "the murder of Gonzago" and the play "player king", William S, 2001 pp 52.When Hamlet hears his own changes spoken by the actor, and he speaks about the changes. The speaking in eight lines marks a change in the sestets spoken in the previous play.

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The other line that has been added is the one that states that that is what you women get when you trick us into marriage. In addition, the line damn it, stop fussing with the makeup and get going has also been added in the new play. Hamlet's lines changes consist of two speeches of sixteen lines for both the king and the queen. The spacer line added between the speeches of the king and those of the queen help Hamlet and others to talk in the play. The spacer lines are also significant because they act scene breaks. Moreover, the added lines also act as compliments for what the king says but the queen fails to offer the compliments.

The line about how women get married has also been added in the new play. In this line, Hamlet makes a mistake that demands a note. He makes it look like the queen will maintain her stand about not getting married the second time. Another line that has been added is Hamlet's remark that the play queen will not marry again. In the scene where Claudius speaks to Polonius is failure to follow the flow of the dialogue, William S, 2001 pp 53. In this scene, another line has been added that shows Polonius staring at the prince who is seated with his daughter.   

We can understand Hamlet from the way he has added lines in the play. We can look at the people addressed by the lines that appear in the play. We can also understand Hamlet by concentrating on the dialogues found in the play and all the stage directions employed. Hamlet is one of the most dramatic characters created. He has radical contradictions, courteous but uncivil. Moreover, he is character who is full of faults. Despite being faulty, Hamlet becomes a tragic hero in the play, William S, 2001 pp 54.


Hamlet has added more lines in the play "the player king" due to his change of his former sestet line style to the writing of two eight-line speeches for the queen and the king. In addition, the added lines in the new play are because of the spacer lines used between the speeches that act as a speech breaker.

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