Hamlet is one of the William Shakespear stories  based on a real events This is a revenge story (Shakespeare, 2011). The major interest in this work is to evaluate whether Hamlet was insane or not for having executed the vengeful act. This case is subjected to discussion based on the scenario at that particular time.

Proving whether Hamlet was insane can be very complicated but based on the events, the act of revenge is a serious act. In my own view, Hamlet was not insane. This was just an act of revenging his uncle for the mother’s murder. Hamlet is depicted as a philosophically minded person who just delayed in taking action but later fulfilled the intended plan (Spark Notes Editors, 2007). This was exactly due to uncertainty of the murder. In this aspect, Hamlet was just under pretence to confuse the audience. Even though the whole revenge process brings confusion to the whole kingdom, justice was exactly in the air and that what Hamlet was after.

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Hamlet’s ability to do investigations on the murder of the mother proved that he was not insane. The evidence that his uncle had murdered his father was however believable even to the audience and this act was just out of anger (Branagh, 1996). He was able to realize that uncle was afraid to watch the murder scene and resorted to praying at a separate point (Spark Notes Editors, 2007). There was actually some proofs in this because the uncle was probably confessed in his sins. This showed that his interpretation of the whole process was synonymous with the view of the crowd and an insane person could have not analyzed the action. In addition, he became obsessed with proving the guilt of his uncle. This made him even to behave impulsively and rashly in demanding for the justice.  He is not very convinced with the state of affairs in family and in Denmark as a whole. This could cause his act of revenge. It is not probably being mad that can results into such action but due to the parental love, he had to seek for fairness. The approach was not justified because no one had been entitled to kill.

Hamlet was very disappointed with his mother marrying the uncle so soon (Spark Notes Editors, 2007).  The quick marriage annoyed Hamlet and this facilitated the anger in him which then reflected in his crime. The uncle’s bold move to reject Ophelia, a woman who he claimed to love further infuriated Hamlet. These are the sources of his action in totality. He thought that it was wise to prevent it through his actions. He could never wait for more humiliations to occur and also he was even more disgusted with women generally.

The story has reflected how anger can be very disastrous in the sense of committing very bad acts. Hamlet did the killings and this had created impact in the entire palace. Many deaths occurred including Rosencrantz and Guildenstern who had died. This is a big misfortune for the entire family. 

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