1. This case borders on promotions based on perfomance, commitment and motivation. Everylang as a growing company needs to promote the best suited candidate for the position of office manager  from its rank and do so in a cost cutting manner. Being based on the inward mobility, keepng the workforce motivated and selecting the best suited candidate is key so as not to affect the confidence levels of the employees. Indeed, the eventual selection should reflect appreciaition of the qualifications and the capability of the selected person to handle the prescribed duties better that any of the oethse. Apart from perfomance and commitment, the topics also centre on competence.

2. The employer has the highest stake in this case. This is because he has to deal with several employees and satisfy their egos without dealing their motivation a blow. The employees are also stakeholders, more so the applicants. They are the ones being scrutinised on their competence and ability to deliver in a relatively senior position. The human resource consultant is equally a stakeholder as the expectation is that the choice delivered will be in the best interest of the company. Employees will also be impacted greatly not just by the appointment but also by whether it turns out to be the right or wrong decision.

3. The caase centres on competency based Human resource management. It delves into the intricacies of quality leadership and committed service delivery measured via the exemplary sclaes of perfomance. Through the concepts the competnece levels of individuals are used to determine their viability and desirabillity as promotion candidates and inform the ultimate promotional decisions. The competence levels act as a gauging machine to predict the individuals ability to deliver in an advanced role based on the much they did achieve in the current role, position or responsibility. This evaluation engage inquisition into the analytical skills, client service orientation, leadership skills, communication, consultation, technical knowledge and, management aspects all evaluated agaist the traits espoused by the individual.

4. The selection process would be governed by the competence levels and the suitability of the applicants. All applicants would be evaluated in relation to their analytical skills, client understanding, the ability to lead, the levels of motivation, accuracy and efficiency in communication, technical knowledge of the desired job specifications, management capability and the adaptability to the ob requirements. This will ensure a firm picture of the candidates is perfectly construed especially in relation to the new job specifications. Additional information on the applicants' suitability should also be created to avoid single angled opinion base.

5. There are various methods that can be relied on to collect relevant information on the candidates. The primary method should be through interactions with their fellow employees and trying to get the correct picture of the working relationships they have formed with their colleagues. Another way would be through interviewing the candidates. This is a perfect way to gauge their personality and define the motivation behind their quest for a promotion. EveryLang has clients and should have kept a track record on performance based on the feedback provided by their customers. This could be another benchmark for assessing the suitability of the applicants for promotion.

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6. Promotions indicate growth of an organization. They indicate that newer heights are being scaled by organization and thus posit job security. This should be a motivation to the other employees to go the extra mile to attain a promotion come the next opportunity. By promoting from within; it means that the organization has gained in terms of getting the best candidate because the person is well oriented with the operations of the organization rather than someone from outside to whom training would be mandatory. In addition it is a cost cutting venture that would see the company save in terms of engaging in training and probably build on the initial salary to calculate the new salary of the promoted person. Such a promotion would also mean consolidation of job specifications as the owner would be duly relieved of certain administrative duties and fast.

The disadvantages rise from the reaction of the applicants who won't be promoted and how weighs down on them. Majorly it could be a source of discomfort as they felt that they were equally qualified and thus they applied. In addition, they could sabotage the operations of the office manager as they had become used to the person as a colleague and not as their boss. It also deprives the organization on the opportunity to draw the raw talent in the market because there could be better persons to fill the position outside the applicants from within.

7. Jill perfectly fits the bill as the perfect choice. This is due to her dedication and the ability to main focused in spite of criticism from other staff. In addition, her profile as a translator doesn't seem that good and thus taking over the office duties should not be a worry to her. She is the only one who respects the other translators and can forge a formidable working relationship with the customers. In addition, her recent failure to get a promotion could soon weigh down on her and some motivation would be welcome to her. The way the other staff treats her means that she can survive the pressure and hold her ground and even be a bridge from the owner to her colleagues. She seems to have no issues with the company and thus should be mentally strong and capable of handling the job specifications which would include;

Providing quotations for customers; dealing with enquiries; allocating work to full-time staff or freelancers; recording and progressing all incoming work, delivery on time and to the agreed quality; dealing with complaints; finding and monitoring new freelancers; completing computer records for billing and administration; and dealing with any personal problems among staff.

By taking in one of the others would mean that they definitely lose in terms of quality. In addition, this would be a cost cutting strategy because going by her profile she doesn't handle huge chunks of work and thus 30% will be less compared to the amount the others would get from their translations.

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