The mission of human resource encompasses varied things. Their mission is to provide quality service in order to retain, inspire and attract varied workforce to a working environment. The human resource manager leads as an excellent leader because his employees depend upon him for guidance. There are varied things that an individual can expect from a human resource manager. First, it is the role of human resource (HR) to lead the employees by directing them on what exactly they are believed or required to do. This means that the work of HR is to assign each employee a specific job, ensure that workers are working well towards achieving the required objectives. Additionally, working with a HR in the company is vital. This is because a good HR in a given company may attract many workers who may wish to work in that specific company. This is especially when working towards improving the organizational culture. Culture can be improved through observation process; eliminating the inhibitions of staff members and analyzing various aspects that bring change. HR should treat their employees equally, and provide them with support whatever they need. Therefore, an employee’s expects a lot from the HR some of which are busy doing stuff, arranging for training programs and encouraging employees to work as a team. It is the role of HR to ensure that workers maintain rules of the company. This is essential because it will aid smooth running of the company. Thus, one expects a manager to act as a good role model and ensure workers adhere to the principles of the organization. Thusly, in case one does a good job that helps the business to prosper, the manager should reward and compensate workers. This will help them to work hard towards achieving  goals.As a consequence, managers should provide high return on investments in a business environment, hence to achieve organizational success.

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