Intermodal Freight System can be defined as transportation of cargo or goods by use of containers or use of vehicles. This can be achieved by use of different modes of transportation such as rail, truck, ship, or even air. In order to improve on security, the cargo is moved without being handled even when changing the modes of transportation. In addition, this helps in reduction of loses as well as damages of the cargo.

Intermodal Freight System has provisions of an adjustable approach to the erratic supply chain management demands in the global markets and distribution systems. Inter connectivity and Interoperability in Intermodal Freight articulates for the necessity of strategical strategy for implementation and wider understanding of transportation or rather supply chain management processes. This is because i5t moves from a well established and realized infrastructure, to a holistic focus through the system.

Case in point, there are significant hurdles for Interconnectivity and Interoperability in Intermodal Freight System. These obstacles are:

  • Role in Hyper competition of Supply Chains

This has been an obstacle due to the internationalization and globalization of resources and markets, which has increased demands on the system. Therefore, a partnership will enhance the supply chain.  This will also help improve on the coordination and integration of inter modal movements. In addition, it will cater for the future needs of customers where in the future they will need their goods delivered at a particular place. Well on time, well taken care of, and in the best affordable price possible.

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  • Focus on Changing Customer Requirements

Another challenge facing this sector is the aspect of satisfying the needs of the customers. This is due to the diversity of demand worldwide. There is a need to implement a strategy that will cut down most of the stages a commodity goes through before reaching the final destination. This will improve in time delivery, and cost reduction for there will be no charges for storage, security and the likes.

  • The necessary Skills and Knowledge in the Operational and Information Communications Technologies

This gives a challenge due to the changing and future inter modal options and alternatives. Therefore, this calls for managers to be well unformed and highly knowledgeable. Current managers should advance their educational level so as to be able to comply with the changing technological know how.

  • Attention to Coordination, Management, and the Integration of Infrastructure Resources by both the Public also Private Sectors

The obstacle recorded here is as a result of limitations in the market place to the private sectors. This sector has been tied down by the government regulation on its operation. The greatest challenge is the tax imposed to them by the government. Government should consider lessening the attention to motivate private sector chip in to the system of inter modal transportation

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