Employee recognition is a communication tool that rewards and reinforces outcomes that are significant and important that has been created by people in a business. By effectively recognizing people, a company reinforces the actions and behaviors that they want to see people repeat. This essay seeks to discuss the various approaches of employee recognition.

i. Length of Service

Recognizing length of service or tenure in an organization for example a bank is a good way of appreciating employee loyalty and commitment. It is also important to grant these awards in increments, for example those programs that recognize length of tenure after every five years. These awards may be presented during bank-wide luncheons, dinners or reception. Certificates or other gifts may also be included during such events.

ii. Outstanding Performance

In many cases, employees will carry out their duties in an outstanding manner during a difficult time for the organization. In such instances, a reward or bonus that specifically recognizes these actions is important. This form of recognition is often in the form of cash. In other cases some companies have designed a "Hall of Fame" for employees that receive "Employee of the Year" awards. This form of recognition often involves a nomination process with regard to pre-established criteria.

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iii. Ongoing Performance

Many companies provide rewards or bonuses to employees that have perfect attendance records for a certain period for example bi-annually or annually. Banks often provide bonuses to tellers who reach a specific level of balancing (Sherry,G.)

iv. Immediate Employee Recognition

This form of recognition provides employee recognition at any time for demonstrating the organization's values or contributing to its goals or objectives. Employees may be recognized for team work and exemplary effort.

v. Planned Employee Recognition

This approach involves prearranged and scheduled ways of recognizing accomplishments of an individual or team. Employees may receive recognition for safety, productivity, public service, customer service and outstanding achievements (University of Virginia).


Employee recognition is quite important in that it motivates members of staff thereby increasing productivity. One meaningful form of recognition that costs absolutely nothing is to simply say "Thank You" to an employee. These words of appreciation can go a long way in building commitment and motivation.

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