Discussion Question One

In a healthcare setting, there are a number of effective management, strategic management and planning skills needed. The first effective strategic leadership skill is mentorship. This makes sure all employees and workers have been encouraged towards the benefits of the healthcare organization. As well, being an 'influencer' is a very critical skill needed for healthcare organization. This will help improve performance. Such leaders should also be pace-setters. This shows the other people the right way forward. It is also necessary to know how to make useful decisions; these make sure necessary processes have been done for the benefit of the organization, and also offer patients relevant healthcare and treatment (Pakhare, 2007).

As a manager, one should be a leader, a motivating, and also a benchmark through which other workers can learn. Basically, all these sets of skills are relevant in ensuring that the right goals have been attained in the organization. Proper communicational skills are also necessary to ensure there is positive communication in the healthcare facility (Xavier, 2009). Organizational skills also motivate the operations and duties so that the greatest gains are obtained. As well, there is the need to have budgetary and planning skills. This will help monitor finances and operations in the organization and the nature of services provided to the patients. This way the manager will delegate duties properly in the healthcare facility therefore improving performance.

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Discussion Question Two

'Plans in and of themselves are not especially useful; however, the planning process is invaluable.' According to this statement, we should note that the process through which planning is done is something very mandatory and immeasurable in an organization. This process is what determines the success of the business or organization (Pakhare, 2007). While that is the case, the plans made are of less important because they may never be implemented in the organization. This means that it would be necessary to have the appropriate planning process so that every aspect of the organization can be reviewed and influenced in order to improve performance. This calls for all organizations to be keen on the planning other than on the projected plans.

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